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  1. M y l e Z | Memetage #5

    Nah Bullshit
  2. Welcome to Kavala

    He has every right to be angry, If what he's saying is true then you guys have broken a rule, and when he is trying to ask you why and inform you that you aren't actually allowed to do that yous are ignoring him and laughing calling him a "troll". VDM is never allowed regardless if you are a cop or a civ and with "50 hours cop" you should know this by now.
  3. Staff Promotions 13/1/2018

  4. M y l e Z | Memetage #4 | Darkside Life

    Ukas approves
  5. Nice montage! just go easy with the transitions, sometimes less is more.
  6. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    Wish I was there to fight! But im sure it would of been fun. GG
  7. Later Bolt

    Yeah i was going to, but I was told that the bank was clear from one of my officers. I realise that I should of checked anyways. Hence the "you lied to me" as you all rushed down
  8. Later Bolt

    Volume Warning, And sorry for the audio desync. If I knew how to edit I would definitely put some music over the top.
  9. Cya Damian

    Sucks you can't hear my reaction
  10. New White-listed Officers

    Just been whitelisted, need to be added - Ukas