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  1. New cop type (Discuss)

    Oh I haven't been on guess ill check it out today
  2. New cop type (Discuss)

    After a decent amount of thinking I don't think this would be a good idea Just because it would cut the cop forces numbers down. For example if this cop count towards the numbers for bank and such 3 normal cops 2 patrol cops That's only 3 cops that can really respond to bank while the other 2 do what they have to do If your gonna put this in you will need a ratio otherwise stuff like 1 Normal cop 4 Patrol cops will happen and no one can help the 1 cop do bank But if they don't count towards the numbers even more so their should be a ratio or something because if cops want to play it safe i.e have more patrol cops than normal cops the rebels can't really do anything for a while until peak hour when everyone comes on and they may again want to fill up the Patrol Cop slots (which I am assuming like Security will be 6's) then the normal cop slots. But this feels to much like security As a security officer you are already split from the cops comms and have to communicate via direct or law chat and can only talk to your fellow security buddies. You already patrol around looking for convoys and in the process deal with bank robberies and gas stations (even though you don't have to rush at top speed to them all the time) Its just feels like Sec officers without markers Sec already get stuff to mitigate this communication difficulty by giving them Markers and at level 2 armoured vehicles. It just feels like sec's job will be cut into by the patrol officers and feel like if this is the case give 2 more player slots if you want more patrolling action
  3. DeeJai Dies again - Week 3+

    Making fun of actually montages Its a parody
  4. The Fallen Order | M y l e Z | Moments & Memes

    6:57 Here is when I know I F#cked up
  5. How to be a Radar & Jet God

    This Is put together really well Now my jet in my garage doesn't feel useless anymore
  6. D-Vice News - Aussie Battler or Scum? Darkside

    damm thats cool I might actually look at that Good luck with future editing
  7. D-Vice News - Aussie Battler or Scum? Darkside

    Try and get Vegas Pro Its not as flashy as After effects but a lot more user friendly you can get a 30 day free trial of it and there is alot of guides online on how to use it
  8. D-Vice News - Aussie Battler or Scum? Darkside

    @Lil' Johnny What software?
  9. D-Vice News - Aussie Battler or Scum? Darkside

    Your News Channel needs to hire a editor
  10. Next Clan War Format?

    Huntah have you ever thought of a End Game like Structure for the Clan War So the same thing 8 v 8 and it be a round Robbin sort of thing where each clan verse every other clan so win = 3 points drawn = 1 point Loss = 0 points And if you want to keep the clan base idea keep it for the load outs. If you don't know end game is a game where each team captures "inlet" till one team finds out the location of the Date they need to retrieve. So the more intel you get the quicker you find out the location of the Data Each Intel location is guarded by NPC's When a team finds out where the Data is they got to take it to a upload point and wait there till its complete While the other team has to stop it. If the other team stops the upload and grabs the data they are able to take it to there upload site where the other team tries to stop them from uploading. The interesting thing in normal end game is that the more Intel you get the more guns you get access to, so maybe link that to the clan funds? This is just my 2 cents I think the clan war would be more interesting but it does make the games smaller because not all the gangs are playing against each other at the same time.
  11. ArmA 3: DarkSide - Kill Montage #1

    Nice vid man I like the small edits in the intro
  12. turn down volume

    I listened to this at 3am why did I do that
  13. Dark Side Rev Fest - July !

    Security Showing up hmm I like the sound of that hope no one tries anything funny See you on the 14th
  14. WL Civ Promotion 06-07-17

    Wohoooo as soon as I get my pc back I am hoping on that thanks for the promotion
  15. Cops Vs Rebels Event (30th - June - 2017)

    Rip PC breaks and this event happens