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    Arma 3 Physics

    "I watched that on the forums it happend to Unknown." Wow @slaymorde just got called Unknown... Poor feller
  2. Guardian

    Bad Module Info Fix

    64 Bit was working about 3 hours after this post! DO NOT GO UNINSTALLING WINDOWS AND SHIT! This was imply a Battleye issue nothing on the server or client side. All though it was only happening to windows 10 users. Its still a battleye!
  3. Guardian

    Salardies 1st Montage

    Relatively Nutty.
  4. Guardian

    Dope ass song.

    Songs old AF, but i still respect Hopsin.
  5. Guardian

    Versa's Darkside Montage #3

    Fark Yeah
  6. Guardian

    Guardian | Kill Montage 8

  7. Guardian

    Guardian | Kill Montage 8

    Guardian | Kill Montage 8 - Leave a comment and what you think...
  8. Guardian

    Steeze Darkside Montage #2

    Not good after cops removed my body...
  9. Cops need to learn, and adapt you cant all crowd a door way...
  10. Guardian

    How to Math

    Technically its 6-2 not 2-6... Nah g great meme!
  11. Guardian

    LSD Comms

    how was i brought into this...
  12. Guardian

    Another 2 man research.......

    funny joke, mine arnt this bad.
  13. Guardian

    Another 2 man research.......

    Could always edit the video so we don’t waste time and have to complain.