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  1. Plebiscite results 13/08/17

    18 is a small sample size considering the population of altis. Perhaps we should consider a postal vote for all altis citizens. if someone pays me $122 million dollars I'll conduct the postal vote and which will result in no decision being made because only 5 people will return the postal vote!
  2. great guide - well done!
  3. New ArmA 3 DLC - 'Laws of War'

    I wonder if dec by leaflet will be allowed?
  4. Wednesday Night Jams

    can i bring my triangle?
  5. Trade Federation [TRF] Recruitment thread

    Good luck guys, heard some great things about you guys!
  6. Militant Maniacs Group

    Great backstory, good luck with the recruiting, and see you in Altis.
  7. WL Civ Promotion - - 01-08-17

    Congrats to the new security and those ranking up. Will see you in the field bounty hunters.
  8. Security Rules Clarification

    thanks for the clarification Huntah.
  9. Security Rules Clarification

    thanks Huntah. Just one point - You can not chase into red zones (Just like cops can't) as a civ, I've been chased in the KOS by officers who claimed that they could, as they had enough WL cops to qualify for a raid. Should that not happen? Great ideal about the patrol cops helping with bank escort
  10. Change Log (25/07/2017)

    ahhh so this explains the Security Hunter with super sec being blown up thanks Huntah.
  11. Travis Abdullah Whitelist Application

    nice app, needs paragraphs, but not sure how you can communicate effectively without TS. WL civs are called into TS Helpdesk a bit and this may cause an issue for you.
  12. WL cop app and WL civ app at the same time? while its you can apply for both, how do you plan to dedicate enough of your time to be both a medic and an officer?
  13. Can we get clarification on the following? There has been some difference of opinion, but i'd prefer to know for sure than to assume / fuck up. a. Enter a KOS (red zone) unless given permission by a WL Cop or being requested to join on a raid. I think that's fine, if the next point is allowed. b. Follow a wanted criminal into a KOS, which gives them a place to hide Its frustrating as a security officer to chase someone only to have to stop before the KOS zone and either camp it or leave. c. Setup checkpoints on a road anywhere outside the sazefone using building box items It would assist us in finding wanted criminals, but I can understand that its not a RL thing, so if it was done as a joint op with police? d. Assist Police at manned checkpoints Definitely would help. e. Security Hunters with Super Security quest line bonus are unpick-able. Is the security level the same? as I had a Hunter picked the other day, and now with the changes to bank bag removal, this becomes important to know either way.
  14. Forgotten Soldiers Clan Base Application

    Understood @SCORPIOX. We understand that the rules have to be met before we can have a clan base, just want to ensure that our application is in the mix. I noticed that other applications have gone up, and we have all been all been rolling as a gang for some time.
  15. Clan Name: F.S | Forgotten Soldiers Eight Chosen Clan Members and SteamID64s: F.S | Goreillar 76561198066910073 F.S | Ben Airy 76561197999743172 F.S | Critical 76561198123539108 F.S | Waffle 76561198054957243 F.S | Black Pantha 76561198068251794 F.S | funyguy1 76561198095202379 F.S | Sung Choi Bao 76561198074486570 F.S | Dylan 76561198153190183 Do you have the required combined hours?: Yes - over 3300 hours this wipe. Do you understand the base can be removed due to bad behavior from your clan: Definitely. We have rules that all clan members agree to and adhere to.