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  1. Older Gamers

    microbee, apple 2e, commodore 64, commodore amiga 1200.. ibm xt, ibm 286, 386dx (i skipped the sx) and then ibm 486.. that's not including consoles. some of us remember the times before mobile phones, the sounds of modems modulating when connecting to dial up internet, or even before the internet with Bulletin board system to get our warez that had to be loaded onto floppy disks.
  2. Congrats to all the new secs, see you in the field.
  3. Kajman Above

    you needed to attend a @Sam Hyde training course there and you could have saved some rockets. but great video - except for the audio.. shouldn't be watching DS videos at work.
  4. Laws of war truck medic

    Could the medic van act as a timed event for revive, ie, you have to move x metres away from where the person was killed and then you can field revive them?
  5. Security Xi'an

    yeah - some reward or perk would be great.
  6. Montage Volume I

    awesome montage - this video should be titled how to kill with a rocket
  7. F.S Recruitment

    -=Recruitment is currently closed=-
  8. F.S Recruitment

    Forgotten Soldiers Gang Rules: 1) Follow ALL Server Rules at all times. You may receive a warning or immediate removal from gang if caught depending on severity.2) Check with other gang members if you feel you have a help desk case before heading up. NO false accusations.3) Avoid Declaring on everyone you see. Make sure the Dec is a group decision. NO DECS AT REBEL NORTH OR SOUTH.4) Civilians doing legal missions are to be avoided and ignored unless provoked initially.5) Don't talk over others and let people finish what they are saying before speaking. All ideas are equal.6) DO NOT enter the 'Kavala strip' unless doing legal missions or told otherwise. Leave the pub cops alone.7) Tags must be worn in TeamSpeak and in game.8) When restrained muting your speakers and mic is highly advised.9) Enjoy yourself. Gang List Leader F.S | Goreillar Co-Leader F.S | Binary Members F.S | Critical F.S | Waffle F.S | Dylan F.S | funguy1 F.S | Sung Choi Bao F.S | RooKie F.S | Jacdan07 F.S | Jt Higgins F.S | Kurt Cobain F.S | Maverick F.S | Bushwookie F.S | Deadaim F.S | Hunterjup F.S | JackoG F.S | Opious Recruitment Officers F.S | Critical Trials F.S-T | DustyOG Changes to membership: F.S | Black Pantha has left the clan to persue other activities F.S | Finnbob9 has left the clan to persue other activities F.S-T | Walrus is inactive and has been removed F.S-T | Lasher is inactive and has been removed F.S | Eagletalen is inactive and has been removed F.S | Kaikun is inactive and has been removed F.S | MelodicNoob is inactive and has been removed F.S | Otto Von Bismarck is inactive and has been removed F.S | Dirty Sanchez is inactive and has been removed Those removed for inactivity can discuss their membership with gang leaders. Maturity is a key essential, along with following rules and possible orders given from one of the channel admins.
  9. F.S Recruitment

    Have a chat with me the next time you are online.
  10. hahahah @Dinkle handled this like a boss.
  11. Company of Scally Wags - Thankyou

    Gotta fire up the old vpn to see your video Paul - it contains content from SME. who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds..
  12. Plebiscite results 13/08/17

    18 is a small sample size considering the population of altis. Perhaps we should consider a postal vote for all altis citizens. if someone pays me $122 million dollars I'll conduct the postal vote and which will result in no decision being made because only 5 people will return the postal vote!
  13. great guide - well done!
  14. New ArmA 3 DLC - 'Laws of War'

    I wonder if dec by leaflet will be allowed?
  15. Wednesday Night Jams

    can i bring my triangle?