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    Clickbait! - this is just shameless advertising for Hardy's twitch channel.
  2. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/word-of-the-year-2018/
  3. Recently the police have been getting creative with their pushes on CPs resulting in more rebel activities being thwarted. Gone are the days of endless police officers throwing themselves at a CP one by one like a tower defense game at low level. * RPGs used to destroy vehicles blocking entrances. Where possible use police vehicles - they should be considerate of the destruction of their own property * Building towers to get into a main tower Build dragons teeth and such around the base near the tower to prevent them. towers cant float on top of other items. * Nerve Gas and Smoke. Counter with your own Nerve gas, and get gas helmets for the smoke/gas. I've heard you can do weapons convoys from gang hideouts which can provide gas helmets if you are skilled enough. * Sharpshooters on 'injure' mode. Counter with your own sharpshooters looking at the obvious spots if possible. If they are on lethals, well, GG. Get creative with your CP takeovers.. more fun than a bunch load of sweaty rebels in a tower with navids. Anything else? discuss!
  4. nice vid sung. asians always taking it to the next level.
  5. 4:27 - 'i warning shot them' - LOL.
  6. something else is probably bound to F2, if you can find that and change it to something else then it will work.
  7. just tried this one. I impounded a transport van in Georgetown away from the jobs depot and it didn't add to the progress. I impounded a police offroad in Georgetown away from the jobs depot and it didn't add to the progress.
  8. Rather than making blanket statements like 'all americans cant blah blah blah' how about you actually follow the process for comp for yourself. That way if there was an actual issue with the server or the servers connectivity it can be addressed. There definitely was issues with the host 8 or 9 hours ago, but not 20 hours ago as per your previous statement. Try treating each incident as a separate compensation request. As others have said we have plenty of players that play from outside of Australia that aren't experiencing what you are. But as others have stated, if it is an issue between your computer and the server - such as internet connectivity speed, reliability or any other factor you wont be compensated.
  9. ahh that sigh at the end. classic.
  10. fyi. someone probably went kamikaze on it. if its destroyed you cannot spawn in it, until server restart or high level mechanic repairs it.
  11. if you do not have robbery insurance, the robber knocks you out and robs you of the cash you have in hand. they do this by scroll wheeling on you. If you do have robbery insurance, the robber will receive a message saying that you do not have any cash on you. They may choose to restrain you, take you to a hostage area and rob you there (by knocking you out and scroll wheeling on you), to take what cash you have in hand, but unarmed civilian rules still apply and they should not kill you unless you break those rules.
  12. You have some protections as an unarmed civilian, have a look on the map screen for the unarmed civ rules. If you aren't armed they cannot take you hostage, but they can rob you in a hostage area and steal what you have in your hand (not your bank). If you aren't armed they cannot force you to transfer bank money or give keys, that's within the protections of the unarmed civ rule. If they do steal your vehicle and chop it, then it is gone for ever. But the only way for them to get it is with lockpicks. If its an expensive or important vehicle, putting a super security on it will prevent them from driving it, but they can still lock pick it and explode it.
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