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  1. Darkside Life (Mods)

    Not like any new players leave Kav anyway and KOS island is 4x that size
  2. Darkside Life (Mods)

    Not KOS city....... the whole island -.-
  3. DrWhiteBread - Random And Funny Moments #2

    'not a valid RP reason' but 'I'm taking a blood sample to confirm your ID' is......... lol good one
  4. Screenshots

    Cops calling card after successfully raiding your faction....
  5. Montage Vol II

    H E did that little amount of ops that most of these kills are with TF
  6. How to do a T-Mission but faster

    We guessed the location & well ez win gg The power of Christmas oh and Enemy of the state
  7. Cya Damian

    How to get removed off base tutorial
  8. Admins

    Lmao and the owners have the right to ban whoever the fuck they want... Especially ones that want to disrespect their staff. -.-
  9. There's a Molos one???
  10. I think you accidentally fucked up the spelling on the title. What you meant to say was ' Get these motherfucking cops out my motherfucking faction'.
  11. Screenshots

    Daddy Huntah in his natural habitat
  12. Day 7 War Update

    Any actual footage?