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  1. Why can't he bump?..........
  2. Show us ya rig!

    As long as it works I don't complain....
  3. Meme Page

    Or the cops that deliberately don't fix Fort ect. so other crimes don't happen... Do it for the MEMES
  4. Meme Page

  5. Clan Name: The Humble Exterminators | H E |Eight Chosen Clan Members and SteamID64s: 1. NinjaGlory 76561198038224980 2. Sam Hyde 76561197978400330 3. TTFun 76561198053972063 4. Salami 76561198073479114 5. Special 76561198098665487 6. Cody 76561198098450042 7. Tig 76561198107604447 8. DrowN 76561198128836896 Do you have the required combined hours?: Yes (4100+hrs)Do you understand the base can be removed due to bad behavior from your clan: Yes
  6. Meme Page

  7. TFO need pilot lessons

    Fucking hacks......... these admins are always spawning shit in tsktsktsk
  8. Meme Page

  9. Meme Page

    More like 28/06/2017 (just wasn't official till the 4th)
  10. Darkside Clan War (July - 2017) Results

    Congrats boys
  11. TDA still strong, now with less cancer

    Don't worry we treated the cancer
  12. TFO vs TDA Official War Results

    But you guys sure as shit didn't do the same.... attacking a run with 3 pawnee's including a DAR
  13. The Humble Exterminators

    inb4 3rd time lucky /3rd time's a charm