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  1. Before Watching the vid i just want to apologize for accidentally unrestraining halster then shooting him i was meant to press ID to see if he had any Rebel Vehicle training... Severely Apologize
  2. Tiaan

    Saving Sofia

    Removing the devils aids good on u fliqqs good on u.
  3. Nice shot i have to give u that.
  4. Tiaan


    @SunDragoness This Happened at the Altis Correctional Facility (Jail) So we kept battling 666 at jail because they had like a GCU Armed i think its called so they kept spraying the shit out of us and then i was anominated to be execute in return we would get back the jail. So that just caps up what happened. Ohhh Yea SOrry for shit frames on the video i need to fix that i was at 30 but my videos always lag with OBS.
  5. Tiaan


    Yea allot easier said than done... i don't have any friends to play with..... PLUS i do have the rebel sooooo... thx.
  6. Tiaan


    I've just recently started the rebel quest list and i am stuck on the second one where i have to revive someone and i just want to know what the easiest way or place is that i can go and revive someone. I'm writing this in misc because i don't know weather it is legal or illegal. Kind Regards Tiaan
  7. How the hell... I was trying to get a reaction. Ur 2 good... LOL
  8. Wah... Wah... WTF WHY.... I didnt do anything wrong i was just asking.
  9. Thx man now all the strss is off.
  10. I just dont want to do the interview again.
  11. Sorry if this isn't a game issue but my internet supply is broken and will only be fixed late April So i just want to make sure that i wont get demoted for inactivity. I'm putting in a leave and i promise when i come back i will be filled with more courage. Kind Regards, Tiaan
  12. i dont understand TS i was confused i listened i bought the bloody game to be a cop and i ask for help what do i get a banch of rude officers u werent even saying anything to me on ts no one was they tell me change ur voice activation button i ask how and they just stay quite
  13. I was fired for doing my job someone wouldnt holster their weapon and i gave them 3 warnings then i taxed him and let him go because well the person who was ment to teach me left me behind so i let him go
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