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  1. Fight for Right | Montage | M y l e Z

    navid clips get out
  2. R.I.P Big Fella

    rip gcu https://gyazo.com/81f709082068c358eca32d98759e2315
  3. Cya Damian

    Firstly, why would I ask for a topic to be locked after I just asked a question? I didn't even get the last say in this one? I don't see your point, sorry.
  4. trucky needs to lean to drive

  5. Another 2 man research.......

    5 minutes of looking at a door and then getting stunned, nice.
  6. Funny Moments #2

    Best bit by far
  7. Funny Moments #2

    Since montages are a bit dead heres some memes with a sprinkle of cancer, enjoy.
  8. Old School Videos

    Was having a laugh over some old darkside videos from a few wipes ago this morning, thought I'd share a couple. (Cringe Warning) Feel free to post yours
  9. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Everything looks really cool, cheers for all the hard work!
  10. Database Wipe (September 2017)

    Keen as fuckk
  11. |TDA| Mike's Darkside Montage

    Actually, if you knew the rules, you would know that having a large gang obliterate a small amount of cops is a negative play style. Also, may I ask, why are you flaming & baiting us for little to no reason?
  12. Screenshots

    Shoutout to WOTA
  13. TFO Pawnee aimbot

    Literally no one featured in the video is salty in the slightest