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  1. Keep Getting Kicked Off The Game

    probs your internet
  2. i don't think such a prestigious lieutenant like yourself should apply here as most are only cadets, maybe try a better gang like 666? I mean come on it's lieutenant Damian not just any old nerd. <-- @Damian.
  3. +1 Played with Anthony a lot and he understand rules and knows how to role play. White list civ will further his opportunity to use these skills
  4. whitelisted app

    |+1| I've played a lot with Coco on civ and he defiantly understands the rules. White list civ will allow Coco to role play more and experience more things that the server offers. Deserves it
  5. Whitelist civ app

    |+1| Derpy knows rules and has good role play, played with him a lot and he's a confident player
  6. Pending Recruiting at the moment is invite-only, if you were invited by a CoSW member pm me if not sorry but we aren't recruiting at the moment, make sure to check back another time.
  7. Denied Bad past experiences and comms. Pretty sure recruiting is closed as well. Sorry, have a good one.
  8. TNR Bukkake

  9. TNR Bukkake

    when aren't they boi. yeah then our base was camped for like 30 minutes by FU :[
  10. TNR Bukkake

    @Damian. hmm haven't experienced that before.
  11. Hours

  12. Hours

    How many hours do you need on whitelist civ each month to keep it? like 10+ or what? Thanks
  13. |+1| Met Jordan around on civ, haven't seen his role-play but he certainly understands rules and is a nice enough dude. Good luck with your application.
  14. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    is it on the island? lmao, new stuff looks cool. gj