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  1. Rustle

    AKM Is Cooked

    he should've leaned into the rock to see through it
  2. Rustle

    AKM Is Cooked

  3. Rustle

    Dang Riot Shields..

    *miss*miss*miss*miss*miss*miss* Owner of TDA
  4. G'day fellas, this is my first and final montage from the Darkside Vanilla Server. Excited to see what the new modded server will bring. Cheers.
  5. Rustle

    Gus' Darkside Best Moments | #1

    my name chef
  6. Rustle

    Hostage RP - Darkside

    wow t0m this is really cool!
  7. Rustle

    Mike's Darkside Kill Montage 3

    fuck rangas #claridgeisgey
  8. Rustle

    Helpme's CH1 Jump

    why hello there
  9. Rustle


  10. Rustle

    just joke ha

    You joined a dead gang and talking shit to CoSW? You already have co leader and you joined yesterday? Hmmm...
  11. Rustle

    just joke ha

    YOu joined apmc ...
  12. Rustle

    just joke ha

    RZ you can’t ts CoSW when you joined apmc and got co leader in under a day, shows a really committed gang
  13. Rustle

    just joke ha

    Is that legit? Lmao
  14. Rustle

    just joke ha

    thanks for showing me your house location, ill make sure to blow it up each restart.
  15. Rustle

    M y l e Z | Memetage #3

    @Rakesh 4:30