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  1. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Faction Perks Some screenshots taken by Damian and Soap from the faction bases for those who have not been able to hop on the dev server this afternoon. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/876370675542246077/C6DDE449AEDA1D2FF80CAAC6BE43E136BBB36A8B/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/860608011403843892/3CB381116BF6B9AA4A451563C637FB007BFC3B5B/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/860608011403863799/AAA3B7A80906CC947094E5AE519A687DF3E5DF88/
  2. Database Wipe (September 2017)

    With the tens of thousands of tokens and tens of millions of dollars available to the gangs it basically is (minus change in ruleset). The fight for the skies is going to be interesting in the last couple days of the wipe, cops better stock up on kajman insurance.
  3. Chatting in game

    Message a staff member in teamspeak with a link to your forum profile URL and wait patiently. You will be given permissions to join other channels. Read this As for your microphone problem, have you tried testing your microphone in the game's audio settings by hitting "auto adjust" and creating a fresh arma profile? Might be a good start, but definitely get your teamspeak sorted and perhaps discuss it in waiting room; it will be hard to troubleshoot going back and forth on the forums.
  4. Security Xi'an

    One can only dream.
  5. Montage Volume I

    |TDA| Sam Hyde, yeah the boys.
  6. "Orcas are gay"

    The real meme is that TFO and TDA are still arguing on the forums. Let's just agree to disagree.
  7. Don't Tempt Me

    Never autohover or park a HMG at intervals of 100 meters from Sam hyde.
  8. Meme Page

    Sorry buddy...
  9. How do i add attachments

    Hi, Upload the video to youtube and post the link, the video should automatically embed into the post. For an image, upload the screenshot file to a website such as imgur. Once uploaded right click the image and open the image in a new tab, which should give you a direct link to the video. Hit the "Insert other media" button on the bottom right hand corner and you will be given an option to insert the image URL in the post. Hope that is helpful to you.
  10. Screenshots

  11. forum access

    http://thedarksidegames.invisionzone.com/topic/9-new-white-listed-officers/?page=14 If you are having trouble understanding the instructions given to you on the forums, as you have a handful of sergeants and seniors sergeants in your gang it may not be a bad idea to get one of them to run you through it on teamspeak. Making three copy pastes on the forums isn't going to help you very much even if you can't understand.
  12. Meme Page

  13. Meme Page

    I guess we will be seeing more of the lower priority activities; which often get missed during high crime rate, getting responses from the new dedicated patrol officers while the response cops deal with forts. Wont have to wait so long to put 9.3mm into the unsuspecting cop.
  14. Meme Page

    I guess the cops know what athira gas means.