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  1. Meme Page

    I guess we will be seeing more of the lower priority activities; which often get missed during high crime rate, getting responses from the new dedicated patrol officers while the response cops deal with forts. Wont have to wait so long to put 9.3mm into the unsuspecting cop.
  2. Meme Page

    I guess the cops know what athira gas means.
  3. New cop type (Discuss)

    The same effect could be seen by delegating the police force to separate patrol groups yes but the issue with that is, most of the time higher priority shit will be going down and those people who you have delegated to patrol will be contributing to the whitelist cops online counter allowing gangs to do research facilities and forts which means that most of the time they will be ordered to disband the patrol group to help the response group. If there was a separate slot, this issue would not exist.
  4. New cop type (Discuss)

    - Communications should be limited to law enforcement chat. Patrol officers will have no need to be in active comms with response officers and should be encouraged to be on seperate tasks. - Rank requirement. As a patrol officer they will have spending most of their time driving by themselves or at most with one other officer which means that they must be competent and knowledgable of the rules as they will not have a ranking officer watching over them. - Equipment Patrol officers should be allowed to use allow equipment their rank allows, maybe besides armored vehicles. While not responding to high priority situations, they may be put up against well equipped rebels and need to be prepared for that, especially since they will only be patrolling by themselves or in small groups. - Lethal force Lethal force should perhaps work similarly to level 2 security where they must only use it defensively where there is no other option. If there is a large rebel presence they should back off and inform the response force, it wont be their job to get into a situation where lethals may be necessary. - Hospital Robberies Like you said, hospital robberies can sometimes be hit and runs or large gangs but the rules on what you can respond to should be clear cut. - Questline Perhaps a separate questline for patrol officers which is more relevant to their job. Would give patrol officers something to work towards rather than just aimlessly patroling. - Safezone Patrol officers should not be allowed to enter the kavala safe zone. I will always say no when asked for permission to patrol the safe zone, even late at night there will always be convoys and drugs runs which need to be found. Being in the kavala safe zones is one of the most useless things you can do as a whitelist officer, and being a patrol officer should be no excuse. Leave it to the pub cops. - Involvement with the pub cops Not to sure about this one. Patrol officers may help pub cops respond to kore gas sometimes but this may require close coordination. I feel that work with public officers should be the responsibility of police trainers. - Numbers The numbers of whitelist cops is a lot of the time very low and high priority robberies are usually fought with the bare minimum amount of officers e.g. 5-8 cops. After getting reamed by armed vehicles, 3-5 cops. This may be an issue if there are 3 people playing patrol officer.
  5. Name Changes

    Tip: Search up the name here to check if it is taken. Might save you a little time .
  6. Salami - Darkside Montage #5

    Mar-10, sniper/semi-auto DMR which can be bought from KoS and clan bases.
  7. Best of luck Mike!
  8. Singing Angel

    Just hit the bastard in the head and take his blood. haha
  9. Police White listing

    Hey mate, You should be able to find information on the police procedures/rules on your map screen in-game as well as in the police procedures section of the forums. Make sure you have a good read of all the information given to you, but it wont be just your knowledge that will earn you a shot at an interview. You must have a good attitude and actively demonstrate your knowledge of procedures showing initiative in-game to your higher ups, but be patient, opportunities will appear and it will be your responsibility to seize them so don't be disheartened straight away just keep at it and you will get your time. Hope to see you whitelisted soon. Good luck!
  10. TFO vs TDA Official War Results

    You wish. <3
  11. Meme Page

  12. Johnlow, unfortunately mate in this current more restrictive recruitment state, we will not be able to take you on, mostly due to your lack of experience on the server. Feel free to come speak with me in our teamspeak, and I will happily outline the reasoning behind my decision so I can point you in the direction towards what I would like to see if you wish to reapply.
  13. TFO vs TDA Official War

    Okay, lets tone it down a little boys haha, banter is great but save it for the fight. <3
  14. Operation "The Fallen Orangutans"

    When you get kicked from the gang and still manage to start a clan war.
  15. police

    You may not have enough hours. To play in a public officer slot you must have at least 10 hours on civilian.