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  1. Special

    Shot of the year?

  2. Special

    Homemade Dar Pawnee

  3. The Matrix (2018)
  4. Special

    bad_module_info has stoped working

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I do not think it has anything to do with the mission file. Seems to happen to me with various steam games. From a little bit of digging last month I found that it was possibly to do with the operating system or graphics drivers. It hasn't been intrusive enough for me to have tried to find a fix though, you will have to do some searching if it is stopping you from playing.
  5. Special

    account missing

    Server has been wiped mate, everyone is starting from scratch. Happens every few months.
  6. Special

    Unable to join with mods

    http://thedarksidegames.invisionzone.com/topic/8873-if-your-mods-are-not-working-and-you-are-getting-kicked/ Follow the steps on this post and it should solve the issue 90% of the time if you do it correctly. Otherwise head to mod installation issues on teamspeak and I or someone else will help you troubleshoot it.
  7. Special

    Constable Takes 6 .338?? WHAT IS HE EATING!

    Tanking 12.7 headshot = -50% body armor
  8. Special

    TF GreatEscape

    Jackass: The Movie pt2
  9. Special

    Cya Damian

    When u give Damian a DAR Pawnee.
  10. Special

    When handing your self in goes wrong

    Enemy of state are an exception to this rule.
  11. Special

    Frosts's Ez Knockout - special

  12. Special

    Fort Thug life edition

  13. Special

    Mithzaron Antics - Medic

    Never clicked a notification so fast!!!
  14. Special

    Montage Volume I

    |TDA| Sam Hyde, yeah the boys.
  15. Special

    Bait or not??

    What you are quoting is only a section of the rule. The officer declared on the rebel in question, the rebel did not "begin" the roleplay event he was simply trying to roleplay out of the situation (which was a cop responding to a robbery not a call for help) after being declared on, and his mate knocked the cop out. The cop was responding to a rebel activity and actively declaring on the robbers, not responding to a civilian call for help. And as SunDragoness said: