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  1. FuRy

    Contributing to the montage spam (Smart Idiot)

    Nice little montage mate. Keep making them.
  2. FuRy

    Just some funny moments

    The MCU incident was hilarious. Ahaha
  3. FuRy

    Darkside Moments #25 - Funnies and Shootings

    Some nice kills in there. And good editing. Nice job
  4. FuRy

    Mithzaron Antics Returns!

    Fuck the stuff you upload is hilarious. Keep it up its awesome.
  5. FuRy

    ROCA Stijl Tage

    Why is your aiming so weird dude. Your gun is like following people when you scope in... Other than that some nice kills.
  6. FuRy

    When you think you can fly

    Its good to see your still getting that fps, 12fps since old LSD.
  7. FuRy

    One Man's Trash

    Fuck, these are actually good dude, Keep making these.
  8. FuRy

    Pawnee xD - Killed sub zero and 3 of his friends :D

    As Dab said what was the point of this?
  9. This is just filled with memes/bugs/glitches. Enjoy The start with the flying person i think was Ghost Recon in a pawnee that wasn't rendering in for me. EAR RAPE WARNING!!
  10. FuRy


    We were doing hospitals for a quest and your stolen kajman flew over the top of us at an altitude of at least 1500m about 6 times. There is nothing more worrying than the sound of kajman flying straight over the top of you.
  11. FuRy

    A3 hates me

    This was actually funny. Unlucky mate but this was tg.
  12. FuRy

    MrBartender - Funnies #17

    @Fliqqs That poem was on point. Some good laughs in there.
  13. I wouldn't post it on the forums and make a montage with it would I? Also cops where the ones spawning and tazing us.
  14. You made a commented and i responded. I still don't see where i said i had skill it clearly says "ProtectorS" (S) Which means multiple protectors. It was just for a laugh like i said you don't see anyone else commenting about this...
  15. @Maverick Well Mate, Where did i state that we had skill? As i clearly said in the post we where there for longer (30mins) so that wasn't the only cops we killed, we ended up killing about 11 cops not just spawning in but pushing the front as well. So there's no need for you to get triggered about this its just for fun.