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  1. Meme Page

  2. Meme Page

    When you try to poach the poachers
  3. Trade Federation [TRF] Holiday

    You've done well boys, take all the time you need, the gangs will be waiting to bombard you with orders Enjoy your break, I'll see you on the field
  4. Best bet is to record for the instances where you seem to be getting rdmed the moment you leave the safezone. As for the Fake Cops, cops don't ask for keys but maybe confirm they're an officer by checking their tags and the police list man. Best of luck with your endeavors.
  5. Meme Page

    No Requirements Needed
  6. Martial Law

    This is beautiful man, actually brought a tear of joy to my eye!
  7. Trade Federation [TRF] Recruitment thread

    I'm loving it man, the concept and execution is amazing. Love the way you've grown your federation since the start. Best of luck TRF!
  8. The cars of darkside

    Yeah well here's hoping its merely a weekend job
  9. The cars of darkside

    Haven't Looked into it to much as it's the last thing i'm changing, roughly $1200 for a conversion kit. Not to sure on the cost labour wise if i don't just do it myself.
  10. The cars of darkside

    MY04 VZ 3.6L V6 Calais(Left), picking up a set of alloy ssv's and dropping it on super lows in a months time(it'll look similar to the one on the right) pushing 190kw stock Plans of installing a MACE Cam package, Cold air Intake, aftermarket exhaust and converting it to a manual to make a killer cruiser once i got the $$$ assuming i still own it.
  11. Mike's Darkside Mini Meme Compilation

    Beautiful, can't believe u jumped F.S's run after our little treck
  12. Best of Luck @Damian. & @Mike, don't make the same mistakes i did. I'll see you fellas on the field SNR BABY!
  13. TDA, End of a Era

    Goodnight Sweet Prince?
  14. Dark Side Rev Fest - July !

    Are you thinking what im thinking security one? @DrowN
  15. +1 i'm Siding with DrowN on this one, the TRF boys are well priced and extremely productive considering their current lack of a ccu. Their prices are extremely fair and completion for orders is extremely fast. These boys don't mess around, @DrowN and i ordered 50 Navids, 50 Alamuts and 50 rocket packs and got them made for us in just over 48 hours. This Business has potential and motivation i haven't seen in many others on the server.