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  1. Christmas Donation Raffle!

    I like it man, keeping it simple.
  2. Christmas Donation Raffle!

    Outlaw Where'd you get all this hustle money from @Mike?<3 Best of luck everyone, merry Christmas to all
  3. Martial Law

    This is beautiful man, actually brought a tear of joy to my eye!
  4. Mike's Darkside Mini Meme Compilation

    Beautiful, can't believe u jumped F.S's run after our little treck
  5. Dark Side Rev Fest - July !

    Are you thinking what im thinking security one? @DrowN
  6. Operation "The Fallen Orangutans"

    @ZrMz_x @Luke I think you'll find this "restart war" completely unnecessary as we're pretty much already at war and have been for the past two weeks. Don't complain when we bite back;) If this will help settle differences we're more than willing
  7. APO Ear Rape/Karaoke

    7PM EST
  8. APO Ear Rape/Karaoke

    Jumping a CCU run is hardly a test of skill, Don't Get ahead of yourselves yet
  9. APO Ear Rape/Karaoke

    Its not zerg you idiot. Its still fair and its the ammount of members you'll find participate in admin events, so its good experience
  10. APO Ear Rape/Karaoke

    8v8 considering that's the normal ammount of players a gang should have. Or do you lack the numbers?
  11. APO Ear Rape/Karaoke

    You reckon you're better put it to the test, this Saturday night APO vs TDA. Or do u just run your mouth like every other up and coming gang?
  12. "Marshal" law

    Mate, we're not all in the reserves, give us a break we're playing to have fun.
  13. M y l e Z | Darkside Police | Saltage Volume #2

    @MyleZ You Still owe me 5 years off now for bullshitting me twice, someday ill get that reduction <3 @A Smart Idiot Why Am i the dickhead??? I Got my Upgrade and lived:)
  14. Its a realm shame i can never get you alive, next time just don't turn around and let it happen:) Its good to see you'd rather kill me than run for safety rather than using Pawnee's against pub cops though.