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  1. DemoDan

    FU Zachs at kore gas with a pawnee

    So I couldn't really tell wtf was happening because the quality of the video is shit but if he was strafing Kore gas that's a problem. if he's flying above just to be able to say hey I'm special cos im flying over a newb town with a pawnee? Then I guess thats ok. Just taking the smart-assing aside here for a min.
  2. DemoDan

    R.I.P SK

    From now, people seen not caring about who they strafe in a pawnee, (and killing teammates/restrained), blind firing into areas where people are restrained, or any other form of having no value for life, will be punished by more than just the automated system. Copy and pasted from Bartenders No value of life announcement just after Christmas. Does this incident fall under the no value for life category? Because you know your friend is in the chopper and you know what happens if you kill the pilot or shoot something important like the engine.
  3. DemoDan

    Streamer Fun

    Never hurts too have a streamer show off how great the server is, also chose the right guy to take hostage I'm sure Mongoose was just as serious at roleplaying as ever before
  4. DemoDan

    LtspearzZ spazzing in a pawnee

    To be good in a pawnee, you must be a part of the pawnee. LT knows how it goes
  5. Just finished watching a lot of videos both new and old on Darkside and it made me want to make this post so everyone can share their favourite videos there've either made or been apart in, Here's my personal favourite of one of the few videos I've made (WARNING at the time I laughed so bad that it kicked my puberty in reverse). Post your favourites in the comments!
  6. DemoDan

    Server update?

    Another annoying question for you Scorp, has the update damaged any of the scripts or edits to the mission file? I don't see how it could because it's to do with Apex but Arma is Arma :l
  7. DemoDan

    Drunk PurplePiff vs 7 Cops

    I was triggered as ****, In fairness If we knew you had an SPMG on hand it would have gone a bit differently But nice work
  8. DemoDan

    Felix's Darkside Life Montage #6

    The music lol
  9. DemoDan

    A day at the Checkpoint

    Should have heard the rage from me after the my 1st death. It was just me and cuddlez in the channel dunno what happened to others and i think i chose every excuse in the book haha especially, FUCKING 5.56 CANT KILL THE ****
  10. DemoDan

    Open more public slots

    You think if it was that easy the owners would have something by now? As far as I know the more people the more server lag is created.