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  1. Sculpin - Civ Whitelist App

    +1 Can already tell you'll be a blast to roleplay with when our paths meet. However try not to bump posts so quickly.
  2. +1 An active member among the Darkside that values rules and procedures and I believe he belongs to the type of people we want here on Darkside, good luck!
  3. The Family

    Hey dude don't know if you've been given permissions or not but as previously said by Noah, recruiting is currently closed. Come back in a few weeks and keep posted for it to re-open.
  4. DemoDan $30 Bronze

    Howdy, About a month ago I donated $10 for 1 month of bronze and a couple days later added $30. Apparently the $30 hasn't been added so wondering if I can get 3 months of bronze with that money. The 1st Transaction ID (The old one that I have used up): 2W798009G01439405 The 2nd Transaction ID (The $30 that wasn't added): 0S926339LN667934C So just to make sure I'm looking for 3 months of Bronze. Thanks and sorry for my poor organisation
  5. Quick question cos there's alot of confusion about this rule: Can cops now break into houses and take illegal items from them? Thanks
  6. Shaun Girraffe- Whitelist Civ

    +1 Great passive player which suits the casual whitelist civ rules. Values Role play and he's a long time player in which I don't think you'll find many bad incidents about him if any.
  7. Internet Speed

    I think you'll find that my internet sets the record for Australia...
  8. Name Changes

    [DemoDan ~ Tarzan] (or whatever shit name i currently added on to my name) to [DemoDan] Please and thankyou
  9. In-Game Name: DemoDan Donor?: Yes Age: 17 Do you have a headset: Yes Do you have, or will get TS3: Yes Have you been banned from our server? (If so why?): Yes, admin/owner abuse. Have you read and understood the whitelisted Civ rules (View-able on the map screen in-game): Yes Why do you want to be Whitelisted? Be descriptive.. This is a ROLEPLAY orientated position, “To play Medic/Mechanic” is not a valid response: To interact with the community rather then simply shoot players all day. It's hard to role play in some combat scenarios and whilst I do go to ridiculous lengths to role-play it's difficult for the other party to match your role-play if there also worried about having a gunmen lighting them up. Being an unarmed small threat just creates a lot more freedom to role-play in which I hope to be apart of. A brief description about yourself (Your play style): I prefer to include role-play in all my actions despite me being very combat orientated on this server however you'll find a lot of my declarations have a good role play reasons behind them and if you encounter me at a processor, mine ect you'll find it hard to match my roleplay Do you understand that any breach of your jobs rules could cause you to be un-whitelisted without warning: Yes
  10. The Family

    In-Game Name: DemoDan Age: 17 Darkside Hours: Alot Why do you want to join the Family: I miss my friends, I miss the gang and my day to day life for the past 3 months has been full of regrets for leaving. Have you read and understand the Gang & Server Rules?: Yes Do you understand that disrespect to players, Cops, and Admins will result in immediate removal from The Family (with no explanation)!: Yes Mature players only! If you come in and have bad communication and if you bring a bad group of players with you YOU WILL BE KICKED! Is this understood??: Yes
  11. Bye Guy's

    Geeze don't hide your feelings from us...
  12. Low ranking cop gun

    Look out lads when those offroads come flying around that kore gas corner you better spool up that chopper fast
  13. R.I.P SK

    From now, people seen not caring about who they strafe in a pawnee, (and killing teammates/restrained), blind firing into areas where people are restrained, or any other form of having no value for life, will be punished by more than just the automated system. Copy and pasted from Bartenders No value of life announcement just after Christmas. Does this incident fall under the no value for life category? Because you know your friend is in the chopper and you know what happens if you kill the pilot or shoot something important like the engine.
  14. Silent Knights - Gang Base Application

    Just as a quick sidenote, we officially founded on the 31st of December but an admin gave us instructions to submit the application when the clan base updates come about. (5 days prior to the month)
  15. Bunny Rabbit - Civ Whitelist App

    +1 - Perfect Roleplay - Strongly follows rules - Mature player Good Luck, DemoDan