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  1. Christmas Donation Winners!

    hahaha @Mike I actually laughed out loud when I saw my name on the list. GG and congrats to the winners
  2. Christmas Donation Raffle!

    My nigga mike coming in hawt. Count me in big boi. Wasaiki
  3. Mike's Adventures Episode 1

    Days before Kav trolling was bannable. Days when doing whatever the fuck we wanted cause we could. Before I had so many notes that if I think naughty thoughts I get permmed. The good ol days
  4. Mike's Adventures Episode 1

    Understatement of the year. In all honesty, I loved this. I can just imagine what would happen if you and I teamed up. We'd probably end up stealing 3 or 4 gorgons. Oh wait....
  5. stimpee

    For those interested in watching the full 20 min cut of what actually happens in the taxi's that now have a FakeTaxi sticker on the back, or how to entertain yourself while grinding lvl 18 taxi, here you go
  6. stimpee

    oh my fucking god. I just saw this. I didn't know he was recording.... YOU GUYS WERENT MEANT TO SEE THAT I'll upload my perspective later.
  7. Terrorist Missions in Darkside

    You called?
  8. When a Kav Troll gets a Gorgon

    Fucking oath, We found out some cunt was nearby the next day. I was mildly triggered, we thought it was cause Damian, or maybe jager got kicked and his kicked entity was causing the error. Well played ossifer.
  9. Thanks to the great cops of DarkSide, myself and the TNR boys managed to take a Gorgon. Well, 3. However, they blew one up, along with our GCU and later on the TNR boys got a third when doing bank. Either way, I managed to steal a Gorgon. So I do leave Kavala. @Everyone who says I can't. **It's a long video, so don't get triggered. I've warned you. But it's a good meme and captures the fun we had.** Enjoy: #BringBackNOSInKav
  10. Name Changes

  11. Change Log (13/07/2017)

    well. dam
  12. Wasaiki Montage

    Just going through all the shit that I found on my hard drive, this is some of my favourites, and im only halfway through the videos. (Disclaimer, I was NOT kav trolling, I was observing)
  13. This is why we need NOS back in kav

    One of? I am THE reason.
  14. 25km, Personal record. And if we cant NOS in kav, this is the alternative,
  15. APO Ear Rape/Karaoke

    Oh God, why are the tags, Wasaiki Earrape Cancer and Clomidia? nevermind, dont answer that. On a completely different note, who'd be interested in a kavala talent show?