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  1. Daz

    Later Bolt

    i wish i had some exciting clips to edit, my editing finger is itching
  2. Daz

    Mike's Adventures Episode 1

    Oh those flying clips have me wheezing mang.
  3. Daz

    Random Moments Compilation | Vol III

    good stuff
  4. Daz

    Helpme's CH1 Jump

    well would you look at that, now i have to watch for flying hunters like i’m in some sort of james bond movie or some shit
  5. Daz

    Hold My Beer

  6. Daz

    Sneaky Security

    Ninja in the dark
  7. Daz

    Fliqqs Funnies V

    1:11 good stuff man
  8. Daz

    just joke ha

    "just joke mang"
  9. Daz

    This Is How A Cadet Decs

    is that a bird is that a .... wait it's a flying hatchback...
  10. Daz

    20ish seconds left till GCU

    LuL get dunked $0n
  11. Daz


    yeah for sure
  12. Daz


    For everyone saying meta it's already delt with and the guy who did it was punished.
  13. Daz


    i didn't break any rules.... that was someone else lol, did you even watch the 10 seconds video?