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  1. SiCk

    yeah for sure
  2. SiCk

    For everyone saying meta it's already delt with and the guy who did it was punished.
  3. SiCk

    i didn't break any rules.... that was someone else lol, did you even watch the 10 seconds video?
  4. Prison Rap

    P A U L D E N I N O
  5. The Devil's Angels IS RECRUITING

    In Game Username: Daz Link to Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dazzzaaaaaaa Totals Hours On Darkside/Arma: 260 on darkside, 490 on arma 3 Age: 15 Play Style: close to medium range, favorite gun is mk200, like to use game sense when ever possible. Why Do You Want to Join TDA?: seeing as they are the fastest growing gang currently, makes me think that they must be really well organised and have some talented players and see that when i vs on cop. What Can You Bring To TDA?: I can listen to orders really well, i can bring a decent set of combat and driving skills, i can fly (not the best) and most importantly i can get along with anyone and make friends with anyone and if need be i can keep my mouth shut. Have You Read and Understood both Darkside and Gang Rules?: Yes List Any Bans(Ban reason and Ban time): N/A

    1. In game Username: Daz 2. Player UID/steam id: STEAM_0:1:73425637 3. Age: 15 4. Hours played on the Darkside: 260 hours 5. Hours playing Arma: 485 6. Have you been banned from the darkside. If so Why?: no 7. Play style: close to medium range combat along with mk200 (which is my favourite gun) is where I am comfortable, I have good aim and like to outsmart my enemies when possible, I can get along with anyone and listen to orders. 8. Why would you like to join APMC: I am familiar with lots of the members, the gang is well organised and skilled and seems like the type of a gang that is a perfect balance of everything you can experience on the server. 9. Previous Gangs: THD 10. Have your read an understood both Darkside and APMC Rules: yes 11. Anything else your might like to add: waffles
  7. ECS Recruitment

    1. In game Username: Daz2. Player UID/steam id: STEAM_0:1:734256373. Age: 154. Hours played on the Darkside: 260 hours5. Hours playing Arma 3: 485 hours6. Have you been banned from the Darkside. If so Why?: N/A7. Preferred Play style: close to medium range combat is where im comfortable, i can use any gun but my favorite is the mk200, i can fly and drive pretty well, i like to outsmart my enemy when possible.8. Why would you like to join ECS: As a upcoming gang you guys have been doing extremely well and i know a few people in there, i think you have some very skilled players and i would love to play with you guys and become a part of this organised gang.9. Have your read an understood both Darkside and ECS Rules: yes
  8. In-Game Name: Daz Age: 15 Hours on Darkside/Arma: 260 on darkside, 480 on arma 3 Do you have a mic: yes Have you ever been banned: no Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dazzzaaaaaaa Favorite Weapon: mk200 Quest line goals: advanced crop dustin and i am trying to get ccu currently and then gcu hopefuly Why do you want to join TNR? i don't come across tnr to often in game but when i do they are very skilled, orgnised and exprinced bunch and i would love to be on the same side as them. I ussualy play in small groups or just solo so it would be great to get into bigger scale combat. I can listen to orders with no question and am willing to get along with people i may or may not like.
  9. What is your in-game name? Daz How old are you? 15 What is the total hours acquired on Darkside? 260 How many hours do you have on Arma 3? 480 What brings you to CoSW? Everytime i come across cosw they seem to be very orgonised and they have some awsome player, it would be awsome to tag along, get to meet some of the great people, i enjoy combat and it would be a lot easier to get into more combat, i ussualy play solo or in small groups, i genrally get along with everyone and i am ready to listen to any orders. What is your preferred playstyle? medium to close combat is where i "thrive" i like outsmarting people and i ussualy do when i have a chance to. Do you feel that your understanding and knowledge of the rules is at a somewhat high level of expectation? Yes Were you apart of any previous gangs? If so list them: THD What is your bank balance, and have you acquired islands or sub divisions? 700k, N/A, N/A
  10. The Family

    In-Game name: Daz Age: 15 Darkside hours and Arma III hours: dark side this wipe: 100 hours, previous wipes 160 hours and Arma III :480 hours Have you read and understood the all the server rules: Yes What makes you want to join The Family: other than being one of the most orgonised and powerful gangs, they are active and have some great players that i would love to play along side. Have you been in any previous gangs: THD Have you ever been banned: No And most importantly, have you ever watched the Godfather: yes, most of it. (i don't really remember it though)
  11. Smashed in the head

    Slam dunked that fool into the 5th dimension
  12. Pigs can fly!!

    That has happned to me few times, it's great!
  13. I really wish you had more footage from before the video starts if you do can I see it?
  14. trucky needs to lean to drive