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  1. natdog0

    DeeJai's Reverse Montage Wk 2

    You were so calm about all the other deaths apart from when I killed you
  2. natdog0

    Basic Crafting Calculator

    This is cool, thanks
  3. natdog0

    Noahs Cop Montage #1

    The LIM is a laser gun?
  4. natdog0

    TFO | Luke - Kill Montage #1

    "I hope you die Zr" *Dies* "AHAHEAHEHEHA-"
  5. You really don't like iSeph...
  6. natdog0

    Start new character?

    Being able to start a new character at will would allow people to exploit the starting money, two people, one creates a fresh character, transfers the money to the other, then creates a new profile starting the process again. Also I believe many of our more invested players see their characters (and therefore assets and wealth) as an alter-ego and being able to just keep reseting that would be almost insulting.
  7. Clearing towers with a pawnee #1 use of CQB pawnee