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  1. xXTheSlayerXx

    Sung Choi's first montage

    Wicked vid bro! Looking forward to the next one
  2. xXTheSlayerXx

    Another Haggis Montage!

    nice bra!
  3. xXTheSlayerXx

    Old Funny's video

    I think it depends on the day to be honest ?
  4. xXTheSlayerXx

    Old Funny's video

    haha that one time @Mongoose plays cop.....
  5. xXTheSlayerXx

    Mike's Adventures - Tanoa Edition

    Rip my ear drums and @Bushman96 you haven’t changed ???
  6. xXTheSlayerXx

    First Montage

    Nice work bro
  7. xXTheSlayerXx

    The Peak Performance Of The Tanoa Police Force

    I've seen better footage haha
  8. xXTheSlayerXx


    "U know ihave it cant u just give it to me and we dont take a fucking year." Your lucky, Just as i tempt you a 30min restart warning came up. Next time you talk to a staff member like that it will be a longer time off the Darkside.