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  1. E8 @SNG @Gunnit Araj
  2. update: the grade i got for it was Exellence. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
  3. I haven't got it marked yet it is marked as an achievement type NCEA standard. so either not achieved, achieved, merit or excellence are the grades. New Zealand schools only use percentage type grades in the private Cambridge schooling. most NZ colleges use NCEA which does not use percentages as a grade. here's a hand so you can relate it to what you are used to acheived 60%+ merit 80%+ exellence 95%+ It took me like 5 hours overall for the whole process from starting recording to finished production. I did not do it all at once I sorta staged it out over a week or so. I used premier pro to edit the video. I used the nvidea overlay to record the gaming clips
  4. hey heres a little edit i did for a school project about the evolution of gaming and the arma 3. I used clips from darkside on this leave a sub on the channel it all helps
  5. BBOS

    Easy money (STARTER)

    1 illegal run in a zamac when drugs are at a settled price and there are no cops on you can make 300-500k a run with no upgrades.