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  1. Haggis | Kaiba

    Interstellar meme

    This is a beautiful thing to see, i shed a tear for a second, gave me a few flashbacks of the old stuns =(
  2. Haggis | Kaiba

    New Police Tactics

    Everyone been saying we need new tactics well here you go!!! (This is a joke please don't think we normally do this, there was alot of us and we did know how many we were dealing with and what the situation was like!!)
  3. Haggis | Kaiba

    Josh's time on Darkside Vol 2

    FUNNY AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Then why are you flaming someone for playing. du fuck that makes no sense......
  5. Hes a Supt asked for a rank back Champ
  6. Haggis | Kaiba

    Mike's Spitfire Montage

    Nerf it please!!! 6.5mm only!!!!!
  7. Haggis | Kaiba

    The Zerg Has arrived

    Miss use of lethal force buddy, we expected you to stun all 567 of them not good enough i expect better next time bud.
  8. Haggis | Kaiba

    Haggis Montage #101204 im bad at the game

    TBH i kinda agree
  9. Needed an ego boast
  10. Haggis | Kaiba

    Shot of the year?

    https://gyazo.com/34bf964fdd31398da54cd500ce3910a7 100% hax
  11. Haggis | Kaiba

    Want A Balloon

  12. Haggis | Kaiba

    FU Need better pilots (:....

    There is nothing wrong with him showing his shot, it was a funny af shot and a good one at that, but was no need for him to name the post that
  13. Haggis | Kaiba

    FU Need better pilots (:....

    Why the flame post name? it was a fun nice 1v1 we had 2 armed hellcats and a blackfoot we could have easily killed u mate, so try and be humble next time coz it doesn't make u look big
  14. Haggis | Kaiba

    Avoiding a hostage mission

    You can not match that there is no way that people can get ya
  15. Haggis | Kaiba

    Avoiding a hostage mission

    Sorry, how do i avoid getting taken hostage?