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  1. Then why are you flaming someone for playing. du fuck that makes no sense......
  2. Haggis | Kaiba

    Mike's Spitfire Montage

    Nerf it please!!! 6.5mm only!!!!!
  3. Haggis | Kaiba

    The Zerg Has arrived

    Miss use of lethal force buddy, we expected you to stun all 567 of them not good enough i expect better next time bud.
  4. Haggis | Kaiba

    Haggis Montage #101204 im bad at the game

    TBH i kinda agree
  5. Needed an ego boast
  6. Haggis | Kaiba

    Shot of the year?

    https://gyazo.com/34bf964fdd31398da54cd500ce3910a7 100% hax
  7. Haggis | Kaiba

    Want A Balloon

  8. Haggis | Kaiba

    FU Need better pilots (:....

    There is nothing wrong with him showing his shot, it was a funny af shot and a good one at that, but was no need for him to name the post that
  9. Haggis | Kaiba

    FU Need better pilots (:....

    Why the flame post name? it was a fun nice 1v1 we had 2 armed hellcats and a blackfoot we could have easily killed u mate, so try and be humble next time coz it doesn't make u look big
  10. Haggis | Kaiba

    Avoiding a hostage mission

    You can not match that there is no way that people can get ya
  11. Haggis | Kaiba

    Avoiding a hostage mission

    Sorry, how do i avoid getting taken hostage?
  12. Haggis | Kaiba

    AKM Is Cooked

    Song choose . Some nice frags
  13. Haggis | Kaiba

    Another Haggis Montage!

    Song 1 = KMS (remix) Song 2 = Fall Apart (remix)
  14. Haggis | Kaiba

    Old Funny's video

    Never Realised that i didn't post this on the forums, its about 8 months old, so before all the TFO beef went down, and i think that the beef is over so im g to put this video up enjoy! (90% of the vidoe was when i was in TFO) Big Racism disclaimer at the end