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  1. Look I'm no expert, but I think the first pass was a little too low.
  2. Excuse the absolutely terrible quality it was from quite a while ago, the real gem is the audio. Make sure it's turned up!!
  3. Isaiah


    Thought I'd post a nostalgiac image in here. 20th of April , 2016. Good times.
  4. If I had a dollar for everytime Fliqqs said: "Umm or "Uhh"...
  5. https://gyazo.com/ef3510faff0b1ebb8724dec119ccfd5f << Good Meme
  6. Gave me quite a fright when I saw the blood splatter. Easy shift G
  7. Haven't made any type of montage before, so we will see how this one goes. Just a few of the funny moments I've had playing Darkside , excuse the poor quality on the last few clips, they were from quite a while ago.
  8. Isaiah


    Yeah, was on a drone. But alright then.
  9. 10/10 for distance. Slaymord = Long Jump Champion
  10. Isaiah

    The frames

    My god , it baffles me how people play with such low frame rates it would drive me mad.
  11. I've got my own Saitek X52 , really reliable joystick and throttle for elite dangerous and flight sims.
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