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  1. Jeffro

    Kill Montage #1

    Really enjoyed that day leading up to the removal of your bounty, Destroying your CCU, GCU and then killed you..
  2. Jeffro

    Want A Balloon

    Too far
  3. Jeffro


    Wasted 3 mins of my life watching that!!! im joking i was in the heli thanks for not mentioning jeffro in a heli how orig
  4. Jeffro

    How to Pubbie Part 1+2

    Good video it helps police trainers focus on bigger things
  5. Lol you couldnt kill me yesterday for 5 mins
  6. Cop force was like lets move in..
  7. Jeffro

    wall glitching through H barriers

    2 cops showed me how easy it was todo i didn't know it was a thing.. wish i could see some stated rules about the run jump volt over a wall as being a glitch correct me if im wrong it dosnt seem like a glitch if its not really forcing into the wall.. i would understand if it was a volt volt then thru the wall but to run jump volt. dosnt look like a glitch.. or is it a new rule??
  8. Jeffro

    wall glitching through H barriers

    we'll be talking to Husy as he was the person who seems to be going thru that wall, ive tryed to go over that wall after looking at the video dont know how todo it myself.. didnt even know it was a thing but Mik.bh was shooting legit so i dont appreciate you pointing the finger at both of them husy has allready got notes on his name which ive spoken to him about but he is young and makes mistakes. as for the areas i wasnt having a go at the admins im actualy calm just wanna resolve all this crap if i have to remove members so be it..
  9. Jeffro

    wall glitching through H barriers

    Getting little tired of this.. would you like BH to leave the server, this stuff is BS making stuff up about glitching or just using whatever means to please a ban on BH.. the admins have allready put in place rules on us that we no longer allowed around certain areas.. what do you want we're just playing the game no one is trying to glitch/break rules and we allways comp if we fuck up. whats the deal?? explain yourself or just loosen up on submitting reports on us or even talk to us we are players like yourself..
  10. Jeffro

    Blackfoot Down

    rofl you kids these days OK grats you killed an unarmed rebel vehicle with 2 pwnees and some battle chopper im so proud of you keep up the good work..
  11. Jeffro

    Blackfoot Down

    lol not sure why your so proud of this video.. sorry to crush your thunder, but my gunner 5 framed he had respawned befor you even got there so it wasnt even armed.. on top of that we had 2 hemmits full of weed down at the gang hideout which we sold 5 mil of weed which you guys didn't even bother check the hideout but must be more interested in taking down a blackfoot good job cop force. lol so meh