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  1. Christmas Donation Raffle!

    Ghundi thnx
  2. Speeding hatchbacks crack me up

    Strangest looking hatchback ive ever seen tho
  3. Kajman Above

    I have no idea what you are talking about
  4. Change Log (13/07/2017)

    Yes, that was a meme and a half
  5. Salami - Darkside Montage #5

    why couldnt i have the vehicles though
  6. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #2

    Add me plz
  7. Edward | Best Of Arma #5

    I mean to get good because your bad lmao
  8. Edward | Best Of Arma #5

    If only you could actually heli snipe lmao. Nah noice dude
  9. Cops these days!

    What a meme, shows how well trained everyone is... lmao
  10. Ghundi Airlines

    what a meme, that was your landing btw not my flying
  11. Darkside - A new start!

    Atleast there will be a good use for coast guard
  12. The one that got away

    I would have taken you to jail but had to do something irl so you got pff lucky that time
  13. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #1

    can only try, thanks
  14. Jack Heisen Darkside kill montage

    Jesus christ if i had a dollar for each time i was featured in this montage... well i'd be rich