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  1. Huntah

    a3 montage

    The ASP isn't even nerfed, never was... biggest prank of 2018 and it's been a laugh for us to watch all the shit shooters talk about how the ASP is nerfed, crack up.
  2. Huntah

    I got nothing from server event

    Yeah I changed it a bit ago, no idea if I mentioned it anywhere though, so that's why you and heaps of others probably think that still.
  3. Huntah

    I got nothing from server event

    Getting DC'd wont matter as your points are saved on the server, not on yourself. I think there is some really big miss-understandings on how these points are achieved, simply being there will not get you points, so ill briefly explain. * You get 1 point for every 10 seconds that you are within 50m of the air drop * You get 1 point for every kill you get (If you're shooting from an armed vehicle, it's likely that the driver will get these points and not you) I see a lot of people sitting 100m + away from points and complaining that they aren't getting points, this is why.... There was a bug however back in November where you got rewarded by the amount of times you died rather than kills, the bug was discovered when DeeJai started to get max reward, once I seen that I knew something was wrong! But that has been corrected now and the rewards are working as expected. However... If you're not online when the rewards are paid, you will obviously miss out, so if you DC or your game crashes or the server shits itself, then there would be no rewards for you. Of course if it was the server that shat itself, I'd run something in-game to reward people once people returned.
  4. Huntah

    My Server Event Highlights (30-11-18)

    Good upload, great music choice! Seen 2 things happen to you that really would of pissed me off.... * The dude on the bridge blocking you causing that desync crash where you took damage and he didn't (This is why we can't block people, or pull in front of people, because of desync) * The dude who hit you while you were repairing on the bridge You did fuck that guy up at the end but he did end up coming 3rd anyway (I was watching that) and he should have been on one side, not in the middle of the road It's a shame you missed out on the Caeser event, we'll have another one soon though.
  5. Huntah

    I got nothing from server event

    The script ran after the event to give rewards goes to all players who earned something, whether they are dead or alive. However being on the death screen will likely mean you didn't see or hear the alerts about your winnings, how sure are you that you actually got nothing and didn't just not see the alert?
  6. Huntah


    All sorted mate
  7. Huntah


    @Tristan Has it not updated the end date in game?
  8. Huntah


    Please pm me your paypal name or email, sometimes it doesn't show up for me on this site, this seems to be one of them times.
  9. Huntah


    Come on kiddies, kill each other on the server, not here.
  10. Huntah

    666 need ghost recon back

    Wow dude why the flame!11!!
  11. Huntah

    FU Need better pilots (:....

    Oh come on lol, he used dars after the chopper was taken care of.
  12. Huntah

    FU Need better pilots (:....

    Oh lol, Cody is being a meanie
  13. Huntah

    Avoiding a hostage mission

    Should of at least had nerve gas from them packs
  14. Huntah

    Avoiding a hostage mission

    A simple shot to the legs...
  15. Huntah

    kos event memes and other garbage

    Cops are OP
  16. Huntah


    Yes - remember to use bug report in game to post bugs (Press 9)
  17. Huntah

    when you catch someone duping red handed

    Good thing we have such a great community that helps us find these kinda wankstains
  18. Huntah

    Bar gate key

    userAction7 is bargates for police/security
  19. Huntah

    House Glitch

    K cool I found them, you will be able to buy them after this restart
  20. Huntah

    House Glitch

    What does the other side of them houses look like? Are they wide open with glass windows? If so then they are not buy-able because they are shop buildings, not house buildings.
  21. Huntah

    Clickers Montage of Potato Skill

    Make your own video if you want to show off your hax rookie
  22. Huntah

    Server Connection Issues

    I've sent an email to our provider (Streamline-servers) but I don't know how good the information about American connection issues was, considering there are still quite a few Americans connecting ok. Do you know anything about Traceroutes? You could check you network connectivity to our IP address and see if there is any issues between your location and Sydney.
  23. Huntah

    Server Connection Issues

    Just looking through the logs of lastnight/this morning and it just says you were kicked for 'Client not responding', it doesn't mention anything about speed requirements. What was the popup message when you were kicked? Do you get past the point where you download the mission file at all?
  24. Huntah

    Mithzaron Borat - Teaser - Coming Soon

    Ahh yes because we're the ones who made videos and spammed the internet with rubbish aye? Sucks when roles reverse. And it's not a developing server, that would mean they are developing stuff... It's a clone server, ran people who attempted to kill our community, so suck shit, it's funny as fuck to see them toddlers fail after trying to tell us how it's done. Funny that you're talking shit here again Steeze after begging to be unbanned, even funnier that the reason you were banned in the first place was for talking shit about The Darkside on TFO's rubbish youtube video, how hypocritical are you? No wonder you hide behind an alt account lol
  25. Huntah

    Mithzaron Borat - Teaser - Coming Soon

    Great video, supported by actual real life evidence.