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  1. Austin Main - Unban request

    lol fuck off
  2. Luke Cage Donation $50

    Ahh, you donated as a guest lol, Adding this now
  3. Admins are Stupid As fuck

    lol can't wait to laugh my ass off at this minge flaps unban appeal
  4. Pril Unban

    That UID is not in our Database, nor is the name.
  5. alexjerta $10 Donation

    In-game name please
  6. New cop type (Discuss)

    * Only carry limited caliber weapons or ones with low magazine capacity Why? Rebels on the road can have massive also, there is also armoured vehicles driving all over Altis, it's not like this group would be restricted to kore. * No gas or Stones or drones Drones, yeah I understand that, but why no gas or stone? What about when a police chase ends in a city or building, why take this vital weapon from them? * Limited to hatchback sports / SUV / Quilin Prowler too, but yeah no armoured vehicles * Are allowed to respond to hospitals if they believe hit and runs if not wait for backup (Must value there lives and are obviously out gunned if someone is occupying the hospital). You can not give people the power of 'if they believe' it needs to be clear, either they can or they can not All others I agree on, please stat your reasoning for your suggestions. I'm not looking at making mall cops here, these guys still have the same threats as response groups, they just aren't focused on those events. They will still come across heavily armed rebels.
  7. New cop type (Discuss)

    Highway patrol as a squad will probably be removed and it's perks (Excluding the Hunter) may be given to patrol officers
  8. New cop type (Discuss)

    No, they wont be included, the rule will be altered from 'Whitelisted' police to 'Response' police I had the same thoughts, I'm not too sure on hospitals either, it's a hard one because sometimes it's a serious robbery involving a large clan and sometimes It's just some petty little criminals. I would probably lean towards saying they are not allowed to respond, so they don't get tied up there instead of doing their other duties. They would get their normal gear, whatever their rank gives them. RPG's already have strict rules so I doubt they would get to use them unless up against other rpg's or armoured vehicles.
  9. New cop type (Discuss)

    Yes, that is their fulltime job, they will not be allowed to respond to major crimes like what you mentioned.
  10. I have an idea that I would like to add, however before doing so I would like to hear some input on it's usefulness. I'll explain the idea, please make sure you read everything before asking questions, I only want proper informed replies, if you do not have the servers balance in mind, then you need not reply here. The Idea A new way to play cop, by joining a 'Patrol officer' slot, you will patrol altis in patrol vehicles, responding only to driving offences and civilian calls for assistance. Rules A patrol officer will not be allowed to participate in the response of certain crimes, they will instead be limited to the following. * Patrolling roads, checking for licenses, reckless drivers etc * Responding to civilian calls for help * Meeting people handing themselves in * RP matters * Responding to gas station robberies * Arresting wanted criminals found while patrolling They will only be allowed to patrol in certain vehicles, most likely nothing armoured, regardless of squad. How to play as a patrol officer This is yet to be thought out, but starting out with a limited number of slots dedicated to the job, then maybe in the near future a roster, we'll have to see how much interest there is before limiting its availability. Pros * Great for new players who will actually get responses from their calls for help * A good RP experience for the officers involved, without the stress of jumping from one rebel activity to another * Safer roads/cities, since these officers will be-able to devote their time to responding to lesser crimes * Possibly a higher number of interested police, since many officers get put off cop by bad experiences getting owned all the time, this will give them a break from that Cons * Takes away from the response force (May not be an issue - yet to see) * Everybody will just want to play this role (I don't think this will happen because of the limitations, but it will suit some officers perfectly) I'm sure there's more cons, that's why I made this post. If not already obvious, these patrol officers will not count towards the online cop counter. During martial law they will still be kos to rebels, however their job and rules do not change. Thoughts?
  11. I was banned

    SteamUID64 please, there are many Seths
  12. MacaDamien - Ban Dispute

    Were you in a gang with them?
  13. MacaDamien - Ban Dispute

    Are you the guy who killed your mates to get them out of a rp situation?
  14. Adam $10 Donation

    Yes UID's are always the same. You are TF Adam right? If so, the donation was added 4 days ago, I managed to find you.
  15. Ban Despute

    Yeah so after it was all over and done with, done and dusted... You thought it would be a great idea to send someone an abusive message, there lies the issue.