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  1. Change Log (11/11/2017)

    Theres a fix in for that too
  2. Change Log (11/11/2017)

    You don't charge them with that, it's automatic, but if you catch someone rioting, you just send them back for their full time for the charges they currently have. And yes there is still a way, you can work to lower your bail, and you can pay bail once your bail reaches half of it's starting amount.
  3. Change Log (11/11/2017)

    Rules have also been added for security and police about camping jail
  4. Screenshots

    Fuck yeah, the perfect weapon to rek those medics and get their ifrits, yeah boi!
  5. just joke ha

    Making himself look bad too if he didn't even know that rule
  6. Change Log (27th October)

    Ahh like fully automatic stun weapons? Great idea
  7. Change Log (27th October)

    Yes. What are you not sure about? Molo's currently has no perks that are even comparable with the other two factions
  8. Change Log (27th October)

    These changes are all things added or modified since the last change log was published. Updates have been made by myself and Luke, this post may get updated if anything was forgotten. New Police can now also repair cracks in roads for payments (Cracks are left when a vehicle explodes) Police can now Shift + 3 remove briefcases Members of Molos Mafia with above 400 points are now immune to headshots, meaning they will always be able to be revived Members of Molos Mafia with above 400 points will now beable to purchase a UAV terminal and a civilian UAV from their faction area, a rule has been added in stating police are allowed to shoot these down on sight Steroids are now a craftable item Nerve Gas is now a craftable item, used by civilians this causes a screen effect and damage to it's targets. The damage will lower health but not kill a player Changes The rule about being 'In combat' is now more clearly defined in the rules section Public officers can no longer place a building box Police rewards have been increased, as have punishments. The amount you receive is a random number between a min and max, based on your bank balance Sometimes chat can stop working, if this happens to you press shift+7 to re-enable it You can now hostage someone who only has a launcher as their weapon All new jets should now be load-able onto the HEMTT Transport truck Changed the way restraining someone works, hopefully it helps with the issues we've had lately If you rob the bank and take a bag, you will not be punished for the robbery Faction raids now take 20 minutes to complete Added a few missing full time KOS zones to the map rules Improved the look of server restart warning popups You can now switch points between factions at the factions AI. It cost $2.5m and you must have 500 points Fixes Re-textured vehicles now display correctly after being retrieved from the garage Fixed a few auto run exploit issues Fixes to many faction related missions/rewards When relogging, you no longer get given the keys to vehicles you own on another side (Civ/Cop) Money bags and all other illegal items will now always show up when a vehicle is searched Dead revivable medic markers should no longer hang around after a player disconnects Failing to install a NOS kit now always gives you back your kit Magazines can no longer be repacked while restrained or in jail Using Ctrl + R in a vehicle no longer triggers the magazine repack script, allowing it to be used to toggle vehicle radars again You should now never get duplicate keys for vehicles All police tasks should now show up when you press F2 while on cop Failing a terrorist mission now properly removes the 3D marker Mechanics can now impound armoured police vehicles Rearming vehicles at clan bases now cancels if you move too far
  9. No major new stuff in this change log, but quite a lot of small changes that needed to be mentioned. The following changes were made by myself and TFO Luke New Steroids now save over a relog (Time remaining can be seen in the 7 menu) Changes Your faction name is now in red on the quick display menu when it is being raided Police can now cleanup (Shift + 3) briefcases When the research facility safe auto-locks, there is now a cooldown before it can be re-cracked (Time varies) During martial law there is now a 20 item max in the research safe, rather than unlimited Completely removed the business base concept Logging out during three consecutive faction raids will cause ALL of your faction points to be wiped the next time a raid starts Tickets given to players by cops are now only seen by cops and staff, tickets given by security are only seen by cops, security and staff You can no longer store an item in a house too soon after stealing from a safe at the research facility You can no longer spawn at your clan spawn if you are not wearing your clan tags The price of refueling an air vehicle has been lowered In the Y menu, trying to remove zero of an item will now give you the option to clear all your Y inventory items at once VR suits are now only buyable from faction areas if you have over 400 rep points with that faction, if you attempt to wear a VR suit and do not have the required rep points, the clothing will be removed You can no longer place c4 or crack safes too close to a restart Lowered police punishments when areas are captured etc Fixes Capture checkpoint text now properly indicates the amount of money that is being returned afterwards A quest reward said you could now purchase the wipeout when it should have said the Black Wasp jet Building box item prices now charge the correct amount (Was 5 times too high) Logging in as cop now only gives you keys to your active police vehicles Police vehicle insurance price from the shop and upgrades shop is now correct Steroid timer now correctly states minutes remaining (Not seconds) Closing a base on cop now properly displays the correct cost Mechanics can now impound police armoured vehicles You must now stay on location to rearm your vehicle at clan bases and gang hideouts Chop price of MCU and bullet proof vehicles was too low, the amount has been fixed Resolved several NLR system bugs including having NLR when being revived Token convoys no longer charge tokens before making sure a spawn point is free Taking an item from the research facility was removing too much from the police bank, this has been decreased You will no longer be told you are in a faction area when you are not Some taxi mission distances were incorrect Some truck driver distances were incorrect Custom real estate now pays the correct amount Some items could not be crafted Mechanic missions have been fixed You can no longer re-pack your mag while in a vehicle Crime rate was always too high Players lost all their rep points when a faction raid started Police were receiving payouts even while a safe was cracking (Making police bank go down) Restraining a player no longer causes you to reload your gun
  10. Screenshots

    The next day they had half the numbers on so complained the cops were OP
  11. Screenshots

    The spawn in one was a purge event
  12. Down Time

    The servers, TS and some features of our website will be down for a few hours today while streamline do some power upgrade. No eta yet, we may just keep the main down though until the new DB this evening. Everyone go enjoy the sunlight, you wont be seeing it for a few months.
  13. Darkside DB Wipe DEV TESTING

    Its fixed now, I just done one
  14. Darkside DB Wipe DEV TESTING

    The staff that needs testing is the making of money and rep points etc, not buying stuff, we know that works.