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  1. Huntah


    Yes - remember to use bug report in game to post bugs (Press 9)
  2. Huntah

    when you catch someone duping red handed

    Good thing we have such a great community that helps us find these kinda wankstains
  3. Huntah

    Bar gate key

    userAction7 is bargates for police/security
  4. Huntah

    House Glitch

    K cool I found them, you will be able to buy them after this restart
  5. Huntah

    House Glitch

    What does the other side of them houses look like? Are they wide open with glass windows? If so then they are not buy-able because they are shop buildings, not house buildings.
  6. Huntah

    Clickers Montage of Potato Skill

    Make your own video if you want to show off your hax rookie
  7. Huntah

    Server Connection Issues

    I've sent an email to our provider (Streamline-servers) but I don't know how good the information about American connection issues was, considering there are still quite a few Americans connecting ok. Do you know anything about Traceroutes? You could check you network connectivity to our IP address and see if there is any issues between your location and Sydney.
  8. Huntah

    Server Connection Issues

    Just looking through the logs of lastnight/this morning and it just says you were kicked for 'Client not responding', it doesn't mention anything about speed requirements. What was the popup message when you were kicked? Do you get past the point where you download the mission file at all?
  9. Huntah

    Mithzaron Borat - Teaser - Coming Soon

    Ahh yes because we're the ones who made videos and spammed the internet with rubbish aye? Sucks when roles reverse. And it's not a developing server, that would mean they are developing stuff... It's a clone server, ran people who attempted to kill our community, so suck shit, it's funny as fuck to see them toddlers fail after trying to tell us how it's done. Funny that you're talking shit here again Steeze after begging to be unbanned, even funnier that the reason you were banned in the first place was for talking shit about The Darkside on TFO's rubbish youtube video, how hypocritical are you? No wonder you hide behind an alt account lol
  10. Huntah

    Mithzaron Borat - Teaser - Coming Soon

    Great video, supported by actual real life evidence.
  11. Huntah

    When are server restarts?

    The restarts are around the same time every single day, ill use NZT but... Between 12pm and 2pm & between 7pm and 9pm Everyday those times, they are never early but sometimes slightly late if theres some important update that needs finishing
  12. Huntah

    This is a bit how ya goin

    It's pretty weird really because a lynx bullet should knock their armour to zero (Which he says it did) and then run the normal arma damage. At that point its possible for a cop with good arma armour (Vest etc) to survive one shot, but he will lose health, most of the time though you will 1 shot any cop with a lynx, navid, spmg etc, that's the way the scripts have been set up.
  13. Huntah

    This is a bit how ya goin

    I don't know tbh, 1 shot with a lynx normally kills a cop, it's coded to work that way.
  14. Huntah

    This is a bit how ya goin

    Was it martial law?