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  1. Farewell :)

    Don't bother coming back, the middle ages men want to run a gaming community, not a pre-school. To save our time, and more of your very important life, we'll make sure your bans are upgraded to perm.
  2. 10$ Donation

    Did you donate as a guest because I don't see it, whats your paypal username or email, you can pm me.
  3. Suq Maddiq Ban Request

    I don't
  4. Down Time

    The servers, TS and some features of our website will be down for a few hours today while streamline do some power upgrade. No eta yet, we may just keep the main down though until the new DB this evening. Everyone go enjoy the sunlight, you wont be seeing it for a few months.
  5. Darkside DB Wipe DEV TESTING

    Its fixed now, I just done one
  6. Darkside DB Wipe DEV TESTING

    The staff that needs testing is the making of money and rep points etc, not buying stuff, we know that works.
  7. Darkside DB Wipe DEV TESTING

    But making money is one of the main things that need testing, who makes money when they already have it all.
  8. Darkside DB Wipe DEV TESTING

    No sorry, the only person who can access the DB for the Dev server is too busy with other stuff to whitelist people, the people who are already whitelisted will suffice
  9. Darkside DB Wipe DEV TESTING

    I just want to thank all who came onto test lastnight, we discovered a lot of bugs and have been working ever since to fix them all. I've just re-uploaded the mission and I consider most of the listed bugs to be fixed, so if you notice anything still bugged that you already reported, please report it again so we know it's not fixed yet. A quick word on posting bug reports... Please post as much details as possible, too many people are just writing basic information and then it's a guessing game for us to try and work out what the hell the person is trying to say. Example. Reporters info (#$#@$@$) (###########): Title (Convey (weapon) maby drygs as well) || Information (when started a convey it spawned 17km away from me) || Information 2 (find the spawn code and make it back to the heli pad ) What gang hideout? ... To answer some other bug reports. Reporters info (Jonharness) (###########): Title (Doors of Van) || Information (Can externally open the doors of the van, but there is no option to re-close them) || Information 2 (I should be able to close the doors of my van, just like I opened them) The doors close once a driver gets in Reporters info (APMC | KyanCatMeow) (###########): Title (Crafting Guild being Civ vs Civ) || Information (It says that a civilian faction can be civ vs civ) || Information 2 (It should be safe for the civilians) What? Where does it say that? Reporters info (BT) (###########): Title (Hospital,) || Information (Can rob a hospital with 2 police online.) || Information 2 (I believe it must be 3 officers online not 2) Dev server is set to be-able to rob anything regardless of cops online Reporters info (John) (###########): Title (Morality Image too small ) || Information (The morality face image is extremely small) || Information 2 (make it larger) What's your screensize? I can see it fine, I had to make it smaller to fit other stuff on the 1 menu Reporters info (Jonharness) (###########): Title (Van Door clipped into wall and exploded) || Information (When I got into my van and reversed, the open door clipped into a wall, slung the van around and exploded it.) || Information 2 (Maybe the doors should be non-clipping so this kind of thing doesnt occur.) We don't control how Arma vehicles clip into things Reporters info (|TNR| FizZe) (###########): Title (Crime rate no workie) || Information (soo basically the crime rate meter no work) || Information 2 (make the crime rate go up and down depending on whats happening) How do you know it wasn't working? Reporters info (Nuro) (###########): Title (Some of the doors arent opening) || Information (When you go to click the open door button it doesnt open ) || Information 2 (make it so that this bug is removed and we can open doors) What? Reporters info ([CoSW] Travis Abdullah) (###########): Title (Cant lose Car Lisence) || Information (Bought a van and then crashed and died. I did not lose my car liscence. Once it was hurt badly it kicked me off the car and then exploded.) || Information 2 (I shouldve lost car liscence to make it fair.) You only lose a license if you die inside the vehicle Again thanks for all your testing, more is required before tomorrows release.
  10. Suq Maddiq Ban Request

    You did receive a warning, everybody did, then you and did it again and said 'Sowwy' 3D = 3 days, trolls aren't welcomed on our server.
  11. Hey all - The Dev server is about to go live, IP for direct connect is and PW is dswipetest. Play the server as per normal and post bugs when you find them, we want our actual release on tuesday to be as smooth as possible. Please turn on script errors and send a screenshot of them in with bug reports if possible. If playing cop, use an un-used police TS channel. Feel free to share the pw with anybody as long as they understand that this is for dev testing and all gained quest/stats etc will be wiped on tuesday when our real DB wipe happens. We expect maturity on the dev server, if we have to ban people, we'll make sure you miss the start of the database wipe as well. You will start with 10X the normal starting money ($200k) and counters for robberies and such has been removed, have fun and report bugs!
  12. Database Wipe (September 2017)

    yeah nah just whenever I wake up from my nap
  13. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Nope, it's a dumb arma bug, just message admins quickly with proper details, we can fix it pretty quickly when it happens.
  14. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Yes all quest gone - No this is a DB wipe, not a base upgrade thingy
  15. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    That doesn't get you around NLR, it just means you wont get the pop ups, all you have to do is message admins and those people can be dealt with, we have logs of people dying but database saving someones nlr information seems a bit excessive.