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  1. Huntah

    It Takes 2 To Tango

  2. Huntah

    how to unlist items on DbaY?

    You pay the tax only when you list an item, that's to stop people exploiting this as a free storage unit and listing stuff for zillions of dollars. So to buy your own items, you don't pay anything more than you already have 'To list them'
  3. Huntah

    Dbay wont work

    Y menu > Market button > Player Market opens DBay You can also activate it by pressing shift+F2
  4. Huntah

    server ddos?

    Maybe this tough cunt went to streamline and throw his big dick around to cause us lag Ladies and gentlemen, this is TFO Parks, a staff member on the replica server, threatening our NZ staff team. He would do the world a favour if he pushed that knife a little higher
  5. Huntah

    Cop Killer Part 3

    Ahh ok thanks, ill check it out
  6. Huntah

    Cop Killer Part 3

    Isn't that what you said in the first post?
  7. Huntah

    Cop Killer Part 3

    Any cop, so long as they are within 300m from the hospital marker should work. Looking at the script, this might be bugged, try it tomorrow after an update and it should work all good.
  8. Crock of shit, the only person with paypal access is myself, take your bullshit stories elsewhere. Oh.. and the only harassment going on are those who left TheDarkside to make a copy/paste server continually posting on our forums and contacting our members, get a life.
  9. Huntah

    Mechanic has been broken in the change over

    Cheers guys, these issues should be resolved with this next update
  10. Huntah

    Mechanic has been broken in the change over

    Any idea what kind of truck? Maybe it's missed out of the list, did any trucks progress this at all? Same as above, also which jobs depot or did you try multiple? Found the issue with this one Were these 'on the spot' or towed back to a jobs depot? Because the quest will only progress away from jobs depots Correct, the only mechanic air vehicle is the taru Bug, mechanics shouldn't beable to impound illegal vehicles Cheers for the reports, ill fix what I can until I get more information
  11. Huntah

    Unable to sync to server

    SteamUID64? And you syncing on another server has no relevance since The Darkside isn't coded the same as other servers.
  12. Yeah it's quite the problem at the moment, seems like a battleye issue https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/8b3enz/bad_module_info_error_occurring_to_a_lot_of/
  13. Huntah

    nos dead zone

    You were just in that random ass area I thought no one would ever find out about lol
  14. Huntah

    nos dead zone

    Where exactly is this area? It can't be used in and around Vikos and at both auction places. There is also a random part of the ocean down south-west where the old Zaros safezone marker is hiding, you can't use it there either.