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    More to come.... More memes coming. I don't like being serious to much
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    ---TFO TRIGGER WARNING--- Critically acclaimed filmmaker Mithzaron ("Mithzaron Antics", "Salty Children - Exposed"), is currently working alongside, [TF] Borat in a project, set to be released later this year. The following is a teaser trailer.
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    The Family Productions Presents The Popperitis Reveal Trailer Coming soon
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    Duty or friendship? Credit goes to Mylez for the idea of blending in with prisoners to defuse
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    Mike's Adventures Episode 4
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    These Tutorials are for Public Officers, who rather be shown what to do than read what to do. I know i haven't covered every single thing there is. But i have covered what i believe to be the main and most important things. They are long, but in detail. There will be more parts to come, such as Checkpoint Procedures, how to use drones. ect... Enjoy. And for them pubbies out there. Work hard and i hope to see you White-listed in the future.
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    Heres a little cheeky montage from my first few months here on Darkside, Hope you guys enjoy. - Gus
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    Haven't made any type of montage before, so we will see how this one goes. Just a few of the funny moments I've had playing Darkside , excuse the poor quality on the last few clips, they were from quite a while ago.
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    Some clips from tanoa and other random stuff
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    G'day fellas, this is my first and final montage from the Darkside Vanilla Server. Excited to see what the new modded server will bring. Cheers.
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    Mike's Adventures Episode 3
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    Quick montage i put together enjoy
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    With all the great guides recently posted, I took it upon myself to lend a helping hand to the community with the following production: *NEWEST NEW* GUIDE / TUTORIAL / HOWTO / LIFE HACK (~INSANE~) [Secret] HoW tO bE pAuL wAlKeR 2019! (KEEPS GETTING DELETED BECAUSE ITS SUCH AN INSANE TRICK) Yes, old people hate this new trick! Mike's Hatchbacks Corporation The Hatchback is a small car that is used by Altian civilians in ArmA 3. The sport variant of the Hatchback is currently the fastest ground vehicle in ArmA 3, with a top speed of 326 km/h (~90 m/s To start your free trial (after 1 month fees apply), message our man @ZrMz_x, because the absolute MADMAN is giving away credit cards from his dad to pay for your downloadable steering system! Employee of the month Runner-up Employees: @Fliqqs @Ghost Recon @Mr Tubblewobblinger De CoC @Salami and @Isaiah.
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    PG 65+ Parental Guidance is recommended.
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    First time ever editing something, I know its shitty but I hope yous enjoy.
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    Here is a slightly over edited video.
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    Thought now would be a decent time to reminisce on some of my favourite times from darkside.
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