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    Thankyou so much over the past year for all the many great moments ive had on cop!!!
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    Just a bit of this and a bit of that chucked together
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    https://plays.tv/video/5c41ab0106e0a4ad4f/rip-vdm?from=user i dont know how to transfer plays to youtube so im sorry for making you guys have to do work and click the link If you can tell me tho please do
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    anyone know why unlocking cars now take forever when you pull them out of the garage. Just checking to see if this is a thing that was added in one of the updates or something else
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    A lot of things make sense now
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    well not enough to get this guy behind bars . you can just feel the cops pain as he spins around trying to figure out where did he go . nice teamwork boys
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    no yeti crashing heli? Not happy
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    @Joshy you cant bully me for my flying skills untill you do this. cheers @Hunterz for recording it.
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    When your that bad a fence gets a double kill on you…
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    I find if you cant unlock it make sure you havent got the scroll wheel menu open so right click to get rid of it and should unlock.
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    do u crash a lot while flying? do u constantly get spammed hate mail while flying? then i have the solution with just one application of my patented product "G3T GEWD ™" Youll suck just as much but hey atleast you tried.
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    Haha me knocking him out made no difference to the body clean up @Ghost Recon @Lynxaa
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    Seemed intense man, This is why I play darkside as well as the epic frags I get on public officers. This video brought back some memories from Tanoa, I miss that old island.
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