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    Hey guys, I am back again but with something ALOT different this time.. I missed the Darkside 3 year purge event, so I decided to celebrate it in my own way - by making a video showing off The Darkside! This is also an appreciation video for all the long standing players and more specifically the clans that have been around a long time (even including the Ds APD!) @SCORPIOX 666 - @Jumpy Famers Union @Gridlock The Family - @Luke The Fallen Order - @Huntah Darkside Police Force All leaders of their respective clans, and police force Cheers for keeping the server up for such a long time. Hope you all enjoy this trailer-esq styled video I made about Darkside! PS - I hid two easter eggs in this. My good old friend @Mortogg appears in the video ever so briefly, keep an eye out for his little fedora! Also a Darkside sign. If you can spot them both you will earn your-self a little prize Cheers - M y l e Z
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    Welcome back once again! This time I have a super fkn long video, to please those that like montages, and others that like memetages & funnies. Funnies/Memes start at 7:22 for those who are lazy
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    100th Post Funnies start at 5:30 for those that dont like a kill montage. Thanks @Haggis for the song Also theres some uhh language
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    This is just a small test I did today, for a bigger idea I have in the making. Tryna do the most stereotypical vlog, but in ARMA. Enjoy
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    OMG! I watched this 7 times already ! :'D <---- Click bait Was bored and felt like making a short and zesty meme, hope you enjoy xd!
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    Found this Gem in my videos folder, a throw back to a Long time ago. With a few forgotten people.
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    I made another one, 3/4 montage 1/4 Stuff.
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    Howdy friends and family, thought I might put a bit more effort into this montage, rather than just wacking some clips together, rather make it look like a COD montage, not sure if I'm happy with how it looks, but it was enjoyable making it. Render time: 45 Minutes Layers: Thanks to @MyleZ and @Luke for helping with cinematics and what not.
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    A few of my Antics over the past few days (weeks?) I am off to do/study 4 exams over the next 3 weeks and then I shall return. Ave a good one y'all!
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    Many salt convoys were intercepted in the making of this video
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    Ayo whaddup, 2TB HDD was full so I had to clear shit out, made another video this morning, after sorting through 200+ hours of footage last night.. Funnies are at 4:20 (giggle) if you don't wanna watch my left clicking on peoples bodies and heads.. Much love xoxo Song: K.Flay x Vanic - FML
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    - Just some funny moments - Sorry for my voice lmao
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    Hope you lads enjoy, sorry for the orgasms
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    A small compilation of some dank memes Iv had banked away. If you liked this, let me know cos I have a heap more good clips
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    Last night Ninja, Fliqqs, an AFK Mongoose (Visable at 2:16 pointing his gun) and myself made a little video. Recording software seemed to pull most of my 45fps shots down to around 28-29, if anyone knows why Shadowplay is restricting my frames in recordings plz share. Enjoy.
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