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    First Montage, dont mind the editing using diffrent softwere, change cwality dont know why its shit default Enjoy
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    Just some interesting clips that I collected over the last week, enjoy.
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    Everyone been saying we need new tactics well here you go!!! (This is a joke please don't think we normally do this, there was alot of us and we did know how many we were dealing with and what the situation was like!!)
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    Just some clips I saved from the most recent KOS event, good fun.
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    Best driver on the server... change my mind
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    So another one to get the mass . If you don't see any humor in the last few clips or like video/music choice, thats ok. Just please keep it to your self... Every = another Video like this. 60 and 30 = Face Reveal
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    Really enjoyed that day leading up to the removal of your bounty, Destroying your CCU, GCU and then killed you..
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    idk just threw it together
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    ;/ I just joined the server as it started and had no idea we were suppose to ram it lmao.
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    see there is a difference in the disconnect messages when you disconnect normally, Vs when you pull the plug, lose power or have a steam client issue. You my friend, did not lose power. And based on your note history. You have a tendency to combat log.. see you in a month
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