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    Did @Salami somehow get more Aussie whilst I have been away? Someone has been feeding him VBs I know it.
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    Not to tug my own dick but yeah they were... Got another one on the way as well except it's a KotH montage, she goes hard as. plugs the merch
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    Never Realised that i didn't post this on the forums, its about 8 months old, so before all the TFO beef went down, and i think that the beef is over so im g to put this video up enjoy! (90% of the vidoe was when i was in TFO) Big Racism disclaimer at the end
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    I think it depends on the day to be honest ?
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    Haha The guy in the end clip went off at me a couple months ago for the exact same situation where I tased him at a T mission and he verbally abused me for using stun for our 6k drive back to a PD.
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    a time before the fire nation attacked
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