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    Oh, you think I was threatening you. that's cute. Again, here you guys go by making accusations " this does not happen ever nor does any gang abide by that statement (including 666)." I think it is time for you to just take a breath. Either come forward with your own evidence or go and sit in the corner. You're passive aggressive comments realistically, shine a darker shade in these topics. If you guys want to be known as the clan that picks on new players, go hard.. However, as I mentioned before
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    This post has gone way overboard. Can we get it locked please. TBE If you are farming new people just stop. And if you arnt, well who the fuck cares and just move on.
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    I don't see any relevance in your post. You were robbing a hospital, making it a KOS zone, so he had every right to shoot you there. Yes, the shooting at oumere was potentially wrong (but so was also not valuing your own life when an armed person told you to get out or he would shoot you), and for that, you should have taken it to TeamSpeak. You state that this occurred back on 16 Jul. Considering Tempest has approx. 50 hours on the server, I can assume at that stage he would have had maybe 5 - 10 hours. He killed you initially legally and likely went to chop your helicopter to get some cash for it to start his cash flow. That situation ended on the 16th Jul. Im sure you died multiple times since then and as such should have no memory of the events that would have occurred in the life mod. To me, it seems that there is just some sort of potentially deliberate action occurring to them because of what did happen (by someone with 1/6th the play time as you). I am going to be keeping a close watch on this (as im sure other staff will be) and if as Scorp said, the toxicity rises, we will provide a pretty deliberate solution to it.
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    i think both you and i know this does not happen ever nor does any gang abide by that statement (including 666). as for the threat there really is no requirement for that. the two posts which have caused so many issues today were largely over-exaggerated the member has had a mature conversation with me and a solution and consequences have come from these posts. Now once again i am happy for anyone to approach me anytime on TS if they feel like they are being hard done by us or just have any questions queries or doubtful points. This above statement includes you @DeeJai if you would like more information on the subject. Have a goodnight ladies and gents
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    Ill explain it right now, and saying FU ( I was playing with them at the time ) love sniping pubs is a strong allegation. I already explained why I was up there and it was a group of 5 people declared on us at Georgetown I proceeded to go to the skyscraper and kill them after they constantly broke NLR, The pubs and the only whitelisted officer came down and responded to us, So we killed them too. Now lets keep this post back on topic.
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    Bit rough @Applesauce3d. Shooting whitelists who respond like silly chaps doesn't equate to a large number of posts complaining about TBE going after newbies. Defend your own gang. Don't go throwing mud to see what sticks.
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    1. I assume he blocked him because he has no defence.. how can you look at TFO with their Quest line and capturable KOS, among alot of other things and say its not straight ripped off from us.. come on you cant be that ignorant. 2. We can confidently say we made and modelled our server in a unique way with a shitload of original content and we were the first to coin the term "combat roleplay" because of the way our server slowly turned out over the past 4 years. They started theirs, copied our model and called themselves "combat roleplay" also.. look at gametracker.. it's right there.. about 70 ranks below us. ? 3. TFO have had some of their own staff members leave for this very reason over there, (and it's only early days) lol. 4. This is that "sheep" mentality.. let me guess. You watched a video made by TFO and developed your opinion based on that? Either that or you got rekt by us and you're salty. 5. Luke was hardly a "main" coder.. yes he helped but Huntah had to fix alot of his fuckups. Btw I havnt seen much "developement" on their server.. unless you call copying scripts and changing it slightly "developing". 6. All in all this is a big HAHA to TFO.. they started this behaviour with their smear campaign and posting that video everywhere.. including on the mods pages on steam and the gametracker pages, pathetic.. lol Your just white knighting for TFO while the rest of us are sitting back laughing at their attempt to make a cheap knockoff of our community.. what has all this effort got them? A server pop of a huge 18 people 90% of the time. And most of them are afk staff there to keep their player count 1 person higher ?. Also.. neither Huntah or myself have asked anyone to do anything derogatory towards them, and we have nothing to do with this video.. this is just what happens when you copy a community and steal their original content, the older members, and some newer ones here see right through that, obviously your being a sheep listening to Luke's gospel on how "every life server has these features".. like you have all forgotten when Huntah added these things and how new and revolutionary they were to life servers (Quests changed the entire game), seems like you have all been brainwashed and conditioned to believe it's acceptable for TFO to blatantly copy our shit, and then somehow believe they haven't been copying when you guys were here when it was an Arma life first.. Sheep logic ?
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    Luke the fat cunt obviously is a bigger man, he's the size of a truck. He's also proved that anyone, no matter how obese and braindead, can be a "developer" simply by using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. "bigger man walks away" Lmao, how ironic. I'm sure TFO just walked away from Darkside, not like they tried poaching players and sparked controversy in hopes to divert the attention gained from their "exposing" videos in order to boost the population on The Failed Order Gaming. I feel sorry for sheep like you who sit around a server ran by Jabba the Hutt. No wonder he's so fat, he's always hungry for Darkside changelogs. If Darkside's forums were down I could just go read the changelogs on TFO's forums. Nice armed ceaser event by the way. By my guess it will probably be using the same armed ceaser script that Jabba the Hutt discreetly gave to me and told me not to tell Huntah about... I spoke to Luke over pms within the last month, and as soon as I confronted him about the stolen content and scripts on TFO's server, he instantly went quiet and blocked me. The only reason people like you even play his server or defend his bullshit behaviour is because it is the closest experience you will get to playing on Darkside. I can guarantee that atleast 90% of TFO's population are banned Darkside players who know they won't be getting unbanned, so they are resorting to TFO's server as they know it is filled with Darkside's content covered in glitter. Oh and finally, "Stop acting like a child and stop picking on the developing servers, after all rome wasn't built in the day" Rome wasn't copied and pasted, and I wouldn't even refer to Jabba the Hutt's server as "developing", for that you need a developer...
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    Ahh yes because we're the ones who made videos and spammed the internet with rubbish aye? Sucks when roles reverse. And it's not a developing server, that would mean they are developing stuff... It's a clone server, ran people who attempted to kill our community, so suck shit, it's funny as fuck to see them toddlers fail after trying to tell us how it's done. Funny that you're talking shit here again Steeze after begging to be unbanned, even funnier that the reason you were banned in the first place was for talking shit about The Darkside on TFO's rubbish youtube video, how hypocritical are you? No wonder you hide behind an alt account lol
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    More to come.... More memes coming. I don't like being serious to much
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