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    Just a little clip between Viper and I that I thought was funny, people start uploading your clips i wanna see more!!!
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    Feilding, always stealing something aye
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    lmao, I carried an NVS and LRPS for my MK20 back in my pub days XD. My main sight was an AMS. Not gonna lie, LRPS is useful as a pub for 2 things, lethals, and doing a quick survey of a far away area rather than taking out your rangefinders and skylining for someone's montage. :C
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    Shows how funny it is, in the three years Ive been here I don't ever think I've seen you xD. Am I dreaming? !
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    To help those players out with some of the changes to the crafting this server wipe. I have updated the Crafting Calculator with a majority of the new values. I will continuously update them, so please be sure to grab the latest version if you are in doubt. ENJOY https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2ir7_T3iLDmeVZOeHJkeWt4VGc Remember! You will need to download the file to use the drop down menu to select an item. I am currently redoing the entire crafting calculator to make it work better and add the additional changelog items. This will make updating in the future better and easier.
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    ... Forever pub cop
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