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    Been a while since my last vid, this one is a little less serious Enjoy ! @Fliqqs
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    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I bring you Mithzaron Antics Ep. 6 In times of stress comes brilliance. The stress being ATAR Exams next week, The brilliance being my amazing, high quality, top notch videos.
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    The following are the changes that have been made by Huntah and me in the past couple of weeks. As always, if you come across any bugs please bug report them by pressing 9 in-game or through the Y menu. Some edits and additional information may be added to this change log within the first couple of days of it being posted, so stay tuned for that. If you have any questions or are unsure about anything in this change log, feel free to ask and we will be happy to answer any queries or concerns. New New Jail System The whole jail compound has been redesigned There are now several different jobs you can do for hard work to receive various rewards such as money, items (steroids, vehicle upgrade items, silent convoy starters, quick KOS capper... etc), vehicles, moral, faction points, steroid buffs and bail price reductions An armoury now exists which you can lockpick (obtained through hard work) to get inside of and obtain weapons and gear Jail Riots The new way of escaping jail instead of C4 being planted at the gate Started when a prisoner lockpicks the armoury at the back of the jail Police need to reset the terminal before the front doors unlock New Jail Times No rebel training maximum - 25 minutes Rebel training maximum - 35 minutes Rebel vehicle training maximum - 45 minutes Enemy of the state maximum - 60 minutes Enemy of the state status for players Automatically assigned to a player when they have a bounty of $25,000 or above You can tell if you're an enemy of the state if you have a 6 star bounty in the 1 menu Fake ID's do not work while you are an enemy of the state Police can KOS enemies of the state Enemies of the state can KOS the police Changes IEDs placement now has a cooldown of 15 seconds which prevents you from spam placing them Rebels can now restrain players with through interaction menu in addition to just unrestraining The nerve gas effects have been slightly buffed Skeletons no longer spawn inside vehicles Your chat is now hidden when the vehicle shop is open The auto run feature now only works when you're on 100% health to avoid exploiting Added some missing vehicles that can be loaded on a HEMTT Transport (Pawnee, all Taru variants) Fixes Police can no longer raid a Faction HQ multiple times at the same time Unflipping a vehicle should now always properly unflip it instead of only working correctly sometimes Restraining players with Shift + R should now be a lot more easier and less buggy The Weather Station now works properly again with weather changes now actually taking place All rebel convoy token missions now work properly and reward tokens when completed successfully The remove all items in the Y inventory feature no longer works when police are nearby Corrected a few quest menu typos Giving items on medics no longer produces a script error Failing to install an upgrade item on a vehicle now correctly returns the item The magazine repack feature can no longer be exploited with other common actions such as lockpicking The sell price of the police Ghost Hawk has been corrected Police can no longer detain a spy multiple times while it is already being detained Being aligned with the Neo Notorious faction with 400+ reputation points no longer gives all retrieved vehicles extra ammo All helicopter pilot helmets now offer oxygen protection when flying up high Buying night vision should no longer occasionally bug out and not give you them Medics should no longer see an Unknown Player marker when they revive someone New Rules Police can now only start a Faction HQ raid at the AI between the hours of 3PM - 9PM AEDT time Armed air vehicles can no longer be used during Faction HQ raids Rebel vehicle training license possession is no longer a charge of terrorism or instant max jail time Late Additions * If you have a charge of rioting you have a much lower chance of making anything decent in jail * Rioting charge is added when you glitch from jail, get admin jailed or retrieve a weapon from the armoury * Jail Island is no longer a KOS zone * You are not returned to your gang when sent to jail and you can not join a gang while in jail * Jail uniform added, also is forced on you for 5 minutes after escaping * No fly zone around jail has been increased to 500m and the timer has been increased to 15s (Shown by a black circle on the map)
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    So i got stunned as i shift G'd, i got up to Shift G again i must not of hit Shift fully so i Dropped a nade and this happend http://plays.tv/video/59f5b5eabb381945da/thuglife
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    Feat. Sephs Wheeze and shit comms xo
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    These changes are all things added or modified since the last change log was published. Updates have been made by myself and Luke, this post may get updated if anything was forgotten. New Police can now also repair cracks in roads for payments (Cracks are left when a vehicle explodes) Police can now Shift + 3 remove briefcases Members of Molos Mafia with above 400 points are now immune to headshots, meaning they will always be able to be revived Members of Molos Mafia with above 400 points will now beable to purchase a UAV terminal and a civilian UAV from their faction area, a rule has been added in stating police are allowed to shoot these down on sight Steroids are now a craftable item Nerve Gas is now a craftable item, used by civilians this causes a screen effect and damage to it's targets. The damage will lower health but not kill a player Changes The rule about being 'In combat' is now more clearly defined in the rules section Public officers can no longer place a building box Police rewards have been increased, as have punishments. The amount you receive is a random number between a min and max, based on your bank balance Sometimes chat can stop working, if this happens to you press shift+7 to re-enable it You can now hostage someone who only has a launcher as their weapon All new jets should now be load-able onto the HEMTT Transport truck Changed the way restraining someone works, hopefully it helps with the issues we've had lately If you rob the bank and take a bag, you will not be punished for the robbery Faction raids now take 20 minutes to complete Added a few missing full time KOS zones to the map rules Improved the look of server restart warning popups You can now switch points between factions at the factions AI. It cost $2.5m and you must have 500 points Fixes Re-textured vehicles now display correctly after being retrieved from the garage Fixed a few auto run exploit issues Fixes to many faction related missions/rewards When relogging, you no longer get given the keys to vehicles you own on another side (Civ/Cop) Money bags and all other illegal items will now always show up when a vehicle is searched Dead revivable medic markers should no longer hang around after a player disconnects Failing to install a NOS kit now always gives you back your kit Magazines can no longer be repacked while restrained or in jail Using Ctrl + R in a vehicle no longer triggers the magazine repack script, allowing it to be used to toggle vehicle radars again You should now never get duplicate keys for vehicles All police tasks should now show up when you press F2 while on cop Failing a terrorist mission now properly removes the 3D marker Mechanics can now impound armoured police vehicles Rearming vehicles at clan bases now cancels if you move too far
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    Fuck yeah, the perfect weapon to rek those medics and get their ifrits, yeah boi!
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    https://gyazo.com/7cac423b3a4394727a8bebb421bb57be This was early in the morning with a cadet and constable when we had a call for checkpoint this is what i do... And Yes I did have sirens on.
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    Batman Dark Knight Scene 7 Schemerz Credits Joker "Mithzaron" Hostage "Forgot" Navid Holder "Sam Hyde" Fin
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    all this shit talking but you still can't stay in a gang.
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    Robert: "I'm cuffed" Restraines Robert: "HES COMING UP YOUR STAIRS NOW HES COMING UP YOUR STAIRS"
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    Daddy Huntah in his natural habitat
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    Pretty sure you’re the issue to a lot of problems, should probably remove you
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    Entry to their tunnels must be through that indestructible Tanoa bunker that they all run into when their base is under attack.. I seen 5 people run into that building one time when we were attacking the base
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    Any actual footage?
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    Even when i'm not in a Pawnee, i still find a way to fly
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    @Mongoose that's how you're supposed to auto-hover, take lessons.
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    -------------------------------------------------------------- 'Why can't I join any other channels in Teamspeak!??' -------------------------------------------------------------- -> To join other channels in Teamspeak you must be signed up to this forum. <- -> Then when you have signed up, message a staff member (Helpdesk, Mod, Admin, just look for these icons ) ON Teamspeak with your URL to your forum account (example "http://thedarksidegames.invisionzone.com/profile/username/") and they will be sure to get your member tag added. <- -> When you have been assigned to the 'Member' server group, you will be able to join other channels. <- Just clearing it up as there are a lot of posts, hopefully this will make it easier on how to join other channels. Teamspeak address: ts.thedarksidegames.com:10004
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    I have been told time and time again that the best time to pull your chute is 80m.
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    <--- Pre Event <--- Post Event <--- (CMR new meta)
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    Just chillin' @Ghost Recon
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    Mongoose's typical misfiring. We get the same report from his sexual partners.......
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    That's expected when fighting CoSW..
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    Declarations The following are important rules surrounding declarations. Breaching these declaration rules can make your declaration invalid, and hence be RDM. You are not to declare on anyone inside a running vehicle or near a running vehicle over Direct Communication. An in-game message should be sent to declare. Police that are speeding down a road with sirens on does not mean that there is an open declaration between you and him. In order for this to be a declaration on you, the cop must be sirening YOU / chasing YOU. Bad declarations: Any declaration at a minimum must state an action for the other party to perform. Such as to leave an area immediately, or that if someone enters an area they will be shot. A bad declaration is something that might simply state: "All cops at Air HQ are dead." In the general scenario, a declaration only needs to state an ultimatum if it is not already implied. For example: telling an officer to leave an area you are in if you are wanted, or telling someone to land an aircraft when the obvious consequence is to be shot down. In the heat of the moment, it might not be possible to include the consequences for not complying and a roleplay reason. The obvious consequence for not complying with any declaration is death. Hiding behind the declaration rules: If a police officer or security officer is clearly pursuing you, but they have not declared via sirens or other means, you are entitled to kill them, as they are a threat to you. You have to be 100% certain that they are indeed pursuing you by going out of your way to make sure the cop is pursuing you, such as driving through back alleys, avoiding main roads, etc. Killing a cop that you believe is a threat to you even if they are not actually pursuing you is punishable under the RDM rules. Hiding behind declaration rules also includes police responding to scripted or non-scripted events, such as checkpoint takeovers, banks, etc. If the police are clearly responding to the situation without declaring, you can kill them, as they are a threat to you. You can only engage on police in the immediate area of the event in this manner, not set up ambushes along the cops travel path and fire on them without another declaration. If you plan to ambush at their nearest HQ or along the road, a separate declaration must be sent following the above rules. Terrorist missions: There is no declaration until the message containing the location of the mission has been sent to rebels pops up. If there should be any combat prior to the rebels being notified of the location, a separate declaration should be sent. Faction Raids: A declaration on the police in/around a faction area is open from the moment the global message goes out stating that police are raiding your faction. This means that rebels can engage on police from outside of the faction area. Police can shoot out of the faction area at rebels if the rebels are doing any of the following actions: Landing/stopping after you have fired warning shots near them. Looking at you, armed or unarmed. (If they are unarmed, fire some warning shots before shooting them to give them time to leave). Running towards the faction area while armed (such as they've landed on a hill and are running towards the area to attack/help their gang members) These situations will be judged by admins on a case-by-case basis.
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    @LynxaaYOU SAID DONT MOVE!!! i didnt move!
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    ah reminds me of the apo comms or just anytime @Guardian is in the channel
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    Dude that's insane!
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    This is actually a pretty good representation of what the war is, just lots of hiding and ambushes along with the spam of air support
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    Yep.. welcome to a clan war princess
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    Hey all, I was unaware of this prior to playing on this server as the last server I played on they didn’t have such a strict play type (was some time ago, I’m a bit rusty and was my first day back) I’m now aware of it and it won’t happen again! Sorry boys 👍
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    Made a mini montage Sorry for the crap resolution
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    why is every youtuber that comes onto life servers always a shitty troll
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    Lmao Top Kek. Altis bureau of statistics has recently run a test and found a 666% increase of Kajman sightings in or around the clan base of the well known clan CoSW. The reasons for this drastic increase are still unknown but some have come to believe that it might be because of the ongoing gang war CoSW vs Darkside superpower and professional fuck everything uper's 666.
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    Can't do a single rebel activity without CoSW trying to third party. That said they don't shoot either or try to take the objective from you they kinda just hope someone will walk into their LRPS from where ever they hide.
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    Change? How dare they.. right? God dammit @Huntah how dare you change something that wasn't previously interesting