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    Never edited or put something like this together before so i apologize if its aids.
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    Song 1 = KMS (remix) Song 2 = Fall Apart (remix)
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    Got bored and smacked a few clips together to make some space for my poor 1TB HD
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    what to do if you lose your vehicles and you need to get back to PD
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    Here is a complete guide to the required caliber for penetrating armoured vehicles. Credit to cattegun for creating the following images. -Hunter- -Ifrit- -Strider-
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    DeeJai has the ability to talk in third and first person, I'm that good
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    some of the most inaccurate shooting since DeeJai started playing Arma
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    Wicked vid bro! Looking forward to the next one
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    Thanks now I know where to look at when responding to hospital
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    Look buddy, 1. I didn’t expect like 6 guys to emerge from the striders, and 2. We landed perfectly from falling 70m in the sky, we just bounced. I’m a good pilot, just had a bad day xD
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    I credited the original creator at the top of the post you blind ranga fuck
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    nice editing, how the fuck are you meant to get that Blackfoot out of the hangar though?
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    Cops watch your backs when FU is online. This is a public service announcement. When you kill Skaars do not proclaim that you can not die. You will end up like Damain if you do.
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    got to 1:00 and thought why am i watching this, and as much as i wanted to exit the video i loved it too much. oddly satisfying.
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    Classic they are like the puppies of the force. love it