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    Thankyou so much over the past year for all the many great moments ive had on cop!!!
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    Greetings all, My name is Beatroot. I will be candid with you all I am pretty trash at ARMA 3 and my only experience and learning curves have been on Darkside. Despite that, I enjoy capturing videos and compressing them into montages although I suck at video editing and mainly make them to be a meme. All these clips are from this wipe (besides the KOTH ones), regardless I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you.
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    shit heard in comms is great.
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    It was on this fine day that the cops finally took a stand and gave the rebels what they Fucking Deserve! A one-way ticket to Destination Fucked... The force under my command emerged onto research ready for bloodshed, as months of anger and frustration came bottling out from all the high rebel zergs! We didn't care about the outcome, the force wanted an absolute beating. So we Gave exactly that. Aha in all seriousness good fight FU. I hope you guys don't take it to heart. Just remember all the times you have won, let us have our Victory. Like we let you have yours. And before people say how OP this is, wa wa waaa. Just remember how hard we get reamed by civs . This combat made me the happiest that i have been in months. And if you think its OP, no one says you have to start research in Mlaw. Now, Enjoy a proud victory PS. i cant shoot for shit
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    Just a bit of this and a bit of that chucked together
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    Hello, Time for you fuckers to see how bad of frames i get I would turn quality up to 1080 Hope you enjoy!
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    https://plays.tv/video/5c41ab0106e0a4ad4f/rip-vdm?from=user i dont know how to transfer plays to youtube so im sorry for making you guys have to do work and click the link If you can tell me tho please do
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    anyone know why unlocking cars now take forever when you pull them out of the garage. Just checking to see if this is a thing that was added in one of the updates or something else
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    Gotta love Kav it’s just like living in Melbourne
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    you dont have any fucking feet
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    You understand most high tier weapons ignore this armour?
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    Nope, there's no hook turns, people selling the big issue or roadworks
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    Dont you worry i have a few clips saved up
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    Ahh I almost miss the days of being a pub cop and trying desperately to sort this shit out. Then Mongoose came along and tore us a new one because we pulled him over.
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    maybe if ghost wasn't shit and didn't run off by himself he'd still have that bounty
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    well not enough to get this guy behind bars . you can just feel the cops pain as he spins around trying to figure out where did he go . nice teamwork boys
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