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    ---TFO TRIGGER WARNING--- Critically acclaimed filmmaker Mithzaron ("Mithzaron Antics", "Salty Children - Exposed"), is currently working alongside, [TF] Borat in a project, set to be released later this year. The following is a teaser trailer.
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    Great video, supported by actual real life evidence.
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    Negotiations Summary: Police may initiate or accept negotiations from criminals under certain circumstances. Criminals and police are not allowed to bait with negotiations. If the highest ranking officer is not interested in accepting any offer, the police are required to inform the criminals immediately upon negotiation request. Once something is agreed upon by both parties, both parties must adhere to the agreement. Examples: Dave is robbing the bank and the highest ranking officer online believes the force can easily respond, he can deny all negotiation request. A large group is robbing the research facility, the highest ranking officer agrees to terms. Both parties must now follow the agreed terms exactly. How To: If the police want to negotiate with criminals, they should try and do so before all of the damage is done. If criminals want to negotiate with police they should give the police a few minutes to respond before beginning the activity (planting C4 / safecracker). Police MUST respond to a negotiation request, they are not allowed to begin responding to an activity until a response has been sent to the criminal group. Negotiations are valid if done in TS in the negotiation channel, through text messages in-game, or through direct communication in-game. Negotiations made against members of the same clan must be approved by other unaffiliated officers online at the time. The leading officer is responsible for all negotiations made while they are online. They will be held accountable for unbalanced negotiations. Examples: The police can see a large criminal presence at the bank and think a negotiation might be needed, they should attempt to organise this before engaging in combat. A rebel group want to attempt to negotiate a bank robbery. They must message the police with their request and receive a reply before planting the C4. Criminals have asked to negotiate a bank robbery. The police are not allowed to quickly respond to the bank before the criminals have been replied to with an answer. Dave has officer Nick on Steam and negotiates something. This is not allowed, as steam chat is not a valid communication channel. [777] Pete wants to negotiate with the cops. The leading officer is also in the [777] clan. Other officers must agree before the negotiation becomes official. Conditions: Things that can be gained by civilians in negotiations are: Police vehicles, Police weapons, Police Y inventory items (excluding weapons or ammo packs), Jail release (either through the menu or by letting someone escape through a riot), Bounty removal, Being allowed to complete a (victimless) illegal activity. Examples: Dave requires a Hunter as a getaway vehicle. If he gets this vehicle and safe passage away, he will leave the hospital robbery without combat. John has stolen the police MCU. The police offer him 2 weapons if he returns it. John agrees and the trade is made. Jimmy orders that the police provide him with an offroad containing 300 frosted donuts. If they do this, he will leave the checkpoint he is currently holding. A criminal group says they will cease illegal activities for one hour if their friend is released from prison. Bank robbers ask if they can take just 5 money bags once the bank blows, then they will leave without combat. If the police agree 5 is the max amount of bags the criminals are allowed to take.
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    Ahh yes because we're the ones who made videos and spammed the internet with rubbish aye? Sucks when roles reverse. And it's not a developing server, that would mean they are developing stuff... It's a clone server, ran people who attempted to kill our community, so suck shit, it's funny as fuck to see them toddlers fail after trying to tell us how it's done. Funny that you're talking shit here again Steeze after begging to be unbanned, even funnier that the reason you were banned in the first place was for talking shit about The Darkside on TFO's rubbish youtube video, how hypocritical are you? No wonder you hide behind an alt account lol
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    A Mike inspired memetage(?) of all the random stuff that happened to me during my grind along the Civilian Quest line. Enjoy.
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    To the admins, im a new player trying to get on my feet and i keep getting farmed by TBE, is there anyway to get a break because im seriously not getting anywhere because of this. last time they tied me up, left me tied up and demanded i drop my gun that i just bought, did not untie and killed me tied up. i have under 30 hours and still getting camped at these factories when i'm trying to making something to get ahead in this game. edit: so we had TBE come up and abuse us while in the waiting room. honestly not a newbie friendly server
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    1. I assume he blocked him because he has no defence.. how can you look at TFO with their Quest line and capturable KOS, among alot of other things and say its not straight ripped off from us.. come on you cant be that ignorant. 2. We can confidently say we made and modelled our server in a unique way with a shitload of original content and we were the first to coin the term "combat roleplay" because of the way our server slowly turned out over the past 4 years. They started theirs, copied our model and called themselves "combat roleplay" also.. look at gametracker.. it's right there.. about 70 ranks below us. 3. TFO have had some of their own staff members leave for this very reason over there, (and it's only early days) lol. 4. This is that "sheep" mentality.. let me guess. You watched a video made by TFO and developed your opinion based on that? Either that or you got rekt by us and you're salty. 5. Luke was hardly a "main" coder.. yes he helped but Huntah had to fix alot of his fuckups. Btw I havnt seen much "developement" on their server.. unless you call copying scripts and changing it slightly "developing". 6. All in all this is a big HAHA to TFO.. they started this behaviour with their smear campaign and posting that video everywhere.. including on the mods pages on steam and the gametracker pages, pathetic.. lol Your just white knighting for TFO while the rest of us are sitting back laughing at their attempt to make a cheap knockoff of our community.. what has all this effort got them? A server pop of a huge 18 people 90% of the time. And most of them are afk staff there to keep their player count 1 person higher . Also.. neither Huntah or myself have asked anyone to do anything derogatory towards them, and we have nothing to do with this video.. this is just what happens when you copy a community and steal their original content, the older members, and some newer ones here see right through that, obviously your being a sheep listening to Luke's gospel on how "every life server has these features".. like you have all forgotten when Huntah added these things and how new and revolutionary they were to life servers (Quests changed the entire game), seems like you have all been brainwashed and conditioned to believe it's acceptable for TFO to blatantly copy our shit, and then somehow believe they haven't been copying when you guys were here when it was an Arma life first.. Sheep logic
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    Luke the fat cunt obviously is a bigger man, he's the size of a truck. He's also proved that anyone, no matter how obese and braindead, can be a "developer" simply by using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. "bigger man walks away" Lmao, how ironic. I'm sure TFO just walked away from Darkside, not like they tried poaching players and sparked controversy in hopes to divert the attention gained from their "exposing" videos in order to boost the population on The Failed Order Gaming. I feel sorry for sheep like you who sit around a server ran by Jabba the Hutt. No wonder he's so fat, he's always hungry for Darkside changelogs. If Darkside's forums were down I could just go read the changelogs on TFO's forums. Nice armed ceaser event by the way. By my guess it will probably be using the same armed ceaser script that Jabba the Hutt discreetly gave to me and told me not to tell Huntah about... I spoke to Luke over pms within the last month, and as soon as I confronted him about the stolen content and scripts on TFO's server, he instantly went quiet and blocked me. The only reason people like you even play his server or defend his bullshit behaviour is because it is the closest experience you will get to playing on Darkside. I can guarantee that atleast 90% of TFO's population are banned Darkside players who know they won't be getting unbanned, so they are resorting to TFO's server as they know it is filled with Darkside's content covered in glitter. Oh and finally, "Stop acting like a child and stop picking on the developing servers, after all rome wasn't built in the day" Rome wasn't copied and pasted, and I wouldn't even refer to Jabba the Hutt's server as "developing", for that you need a developer...
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    So could other clans if they get declared on whenever they are seen around doing shit.
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    You sound salty kid Miths movie is a 20th century fox masterpiece so stfu nigga
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    Wouldn't accept. They would just say that want to be bullied by the bigger gangs, yet they are bullying the new players to feel good about themselves. Though I'm sure if they want to harass our new players the Tanoa police department could make their lives a living hell until they get the message.
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    did someone say 'Clan War' ???
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    Normally if you talk to a bigger and more situated gang on the server they can help you get going and even defend you in some cases. If you talk to me in game [fu] Stooge, I can give you some money to get you going. Sometimes you gotta ignore the shitheads on the server.
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    Ill explain it right now, and saying FU ( I was playing with them at the time ) love sniping pubs is a strong allegation. I already explained why I was up there and it was a group of 5 people declared on us at Georgetown I proceeded to go to the skyscraper and kill them after they constantly broke NLR, The pubs and the only whitelisted officer came down and responded to us, So we killed them too. Now lets keep this post back on topic.
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    Bit rough @Applesauce3d. Shooting whitelists who respond like silly chaps doesn't equate to a large number of posts complaining about TBE going after newbies. Defend your own gang. Don't go throwing mud to see what sticks.
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    If you flick me a message in game or on teamspeak i can send you a coupla million. TBE did this to me when i first started this wipe and it is extremely discouraging and makes you not want to play. Personally me and my gang have started giving them some of there own medicine and boy o boy were they salty. I think you should just teach them a lesson and do it back, just like we did and they were extremely salty about it.
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    @Aironax have you and @Tempest read the negative gameplay rules? We have rules in place to prevent or punish if this kind of toxicity happening... any clan that makes career out of picking on civs doing legal shit generally get a pretty bad reputation around here, and if it is consistent they can very easily lose their base. If you think the abuse is going too far or they are deliberately picking on new players then get evidence.. screenshots, recordings and take them to helpdesk, player abuse is not tolerated here. BUT if all of this is happening in red zones or around combat thats just the nature of this server, you can do trucking/fuel/heli/taxi (both land and sea taxi missions) to make safe legal money.. people generally leave you alone while doing this. Have a read of this rule of your wondering what is considered negative gameplay:
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    I have over 8+ members who can support these allegations, we're a new gang to the server and arma 3 in general and we've now formed alliances with other gangs due to the fact TBE is continuously being ass-holes to us whilst we're trying to do anything, from being knocked out whilst doing civ missions to getting camped or and continuous text messages of harassment. Every person I've met on the server has had something to say along these lines also. Aironax if you ever need help or feel like doing anything group related feel free to send a text to NDR and come hangout.
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    I don't see any relevance in your post. You were robbing a hospital, making it a KOS zone, so he had every right to shoot you there. Yes, the shooting at oumere was potentially wrong (but so was also not valuing your own life when an armed person told you to get out or he would shoot you), and for that, you should have taken it to TeamSpeak. You state that this occurred back on 16 Jul. Considering Tempest has approx. 50 hours on the server, I can assume at that stage he would have had maybe 5 - 10 hours. He killed you initially legally and likely went to chop your helicopter to get some cash for it to start his cash flow. That situation ended on the 16th Jul. Im sure you died multiple times since then and as such should have no memory of the events that would have occurred in the life mod. To me, it seems that there is just some sort of potentially deliberate action occurring to them because of what did happen (by someone with 1/6th the play time as you). I am going to be keeping a close watch on this (as im sure other staff will be) and if as Scorp said, the toxicity rises, we will provide a pretty deliberate solution to it.
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    no, it is within the trade chat / PM. If you make a verbal agreement with someone, you always follow up with the deal in a PM (then screenshot) which is the confirmation of a binding deal
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    Strength in numbers bro. Always in TS when playing, hit me up and I’d be happy to help you out as much as I can.
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    Wait, someone over there is actually building something? Ctrl+C Ctrl+V don't count.
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    Patrol Officer Rules Duties: A patrol officer's duty is to patrol Tanoa, with primary focus on the following activities: Jail riots. Checkpoints takeovers. Hospital robberies. Gas station robberies. Traffic stops (license checks). Tracking criminals. Cleaning up after situations (impounding). Protecting civilians in surrounding areas of major crimes. Responding to civilian text messages (calls for help). Response Exclusions: Patrol officers are not to respond to the following activities, although they can set up cordons nearby to divert civilians: Fort Knox / Research Facility. Police Convoy attacks. C4 Activities (bank, power stations). Terrorist missions. Hostage situations (unless it is a patrol officer that has been taken as a hostage). Raiding (unless there is at least one response officer also raiding with them). NLR: Patrol officers are never to break NLR, including during martial law. Martial Law: During martial law, patrol officers have the same regulations in place as response officers, other than that they are not to break NLR. Patrol officers can use lethal force more freely and use armed/armoured vehicles during martial law. The other rules regarding the situations patrol officers can respond to do not change during martial law. Vehicles: Patrol officers may use any land vehicle their rank has access to, except for armoured vehicles. Patrol officers may not use aircraft. Patrol officers may not use bulletproof SUVs. Communications: Patrol officers are to be in the patrol officer TS channel while playing, unless in one of the two admin slots. Patrol officers and response officers may switch channels to give/receive information, however, they must move back to their own channel once information has been shared. Ratio: The response officer to patrol officer ratio is not to exceed 2:1 for more than 20 minutes. This ratio excludes the admin only patrol officer slots. How to Play: To play as a patrol officer, you must have the word 'Patrol' before your police name, so that other cops and civilians can identify you properly. To play as a patrol officer, you must join one of the patrol officer slots, and you must have at least 50 hours on response cop, and be of rank Sergeant or above.