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    Sorry for the bad editing took me like and hour last night. First song : moving on by Marshmello Seconds Song : summer by Marshmello
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    Is it just me or does anyone else cum when they see Sung shoot a lynx?
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    This is why i miss the meme thread, having the right dosage of mike is good for everyone
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    "Darkside exposed as homophobic, come join our new server"
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    That rph shot on that hellcat was nutty asf gg
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    because when we kill everyone on the server we have no one else to kill
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    Security Rules Security Rules: You are not to kill anyone unless it is your only choice. Killing must only be in cases of absolute immediate self-defence. You must regularly perform your duties, such as removing money from gas stations, hospitals and the Darkside National Bank as often as possible. You must answer requests for security contractors, and offer a price for your services. Though, you can only contract yourself out to people doing legal jobs. You are only to use marked/unmarked security vehicles. You must not work against the police force. Do not enter a crime scene without contacting police and expect to be treated differently. Exploiting this job in any way will result in the removal of your whitelisting. You may not enter any raid zones (gang hideouts, drug fields, faction zones, black market) unless the police are raiding it and invite you. You may not enter the police TS channels and you are to use the whitelisted civilian security channels instead. You are not a police officer, and can therefore not ticket people just because you witness them driving recklessly, etc. You can only deal with the current charges a player has. You must declare before tasing anyone. A vocal declaration or sirens is usually sufficient. Security contractors are not to camp the jail. They can stay for up to two minutes following a riot, but then they must vacate the area.
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    Video I can't figure out how to embed it as a video because I'm too dumb but this is what happened while I was just mid mission job depot mission just before the server kicked everyone off. Looking back on it i'm 80% sure this guy just RDMed/VDMed me but either way everyone was kicked just a moment after that anyway. I'm also pretty sure that guy was using a 9mm Sting so it wouldn't have done anything to me even if he hit me.
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    Guess that explains the mysterious deaths of restrained civs..
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    With all the great guides recently posted, I took it upon myself to lend a helping hand to the community with the following production: *NEWEST NEW* GUIDE / TUTORIAL / HOWTO / LIFE HACK (~INSANE~) [Secret] HoW tO bE pAuL wAlKeR 2019! (KEEPS GETTING DELETED BECAUSE ITS SUCH AN INSANE TRICK) Yes, old people hate this new trick! Mike's Hatchbacks Corporation The Hatchback is a small car that is used by Altian civilians in ArmA 3. The sport variant of the Hatchback is currently the fastest ground vehicle in ArmA 3, with a top speed of 326 km/h (~90 m/s To start your free trial (after 1 month fees apply), message our man @ZrMz_x, because the absolute MADMAN is giving away credit cards from his dad to pay for your downloadable steering system! Employee of the month Runner-up Employees: @Fliqqs @Ghost Recon @Mr Tubblewobblinger De CoC @Salami and @Isaiah.
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    thanks, this is a lot more useful than clicker dragging us down to cp1 and just reading out the rules
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    I miss Altis....
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    Why you guys Team kill all the time ill never understand
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    Those clips are older than me!
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    More to come.... More memes coming. I don't like being serious to much
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    See there is one key thing people are missing the point on. This is a life server. This is pixels and sound files with mouse clicks controlling it. If you are getting upset because you lost at something and you need to blame someone or something, then you need some time out in the real world. I play this game to escape the melodramatic bullshit of the stereotypical work day which is to most people just a source of income. I play this game and dont give two shits if i die to a randomly spawning seagull that destroys my helicopter moments after purchase or if i die to a pub cops tazer round that has hit me with the impact velocity of an APDS round fired at point blank range. If this game for you is generating such a hatred based on the promulgation of a minor amount of somewhat sceptical video and still imagery, then it is time to stand up, bend over at the waste and forcefully bang your head againts the desk (or keyboard) and wake up to yourself. ITS A FUCKEN COMPUTER GAME. Fuck me, i want to see what you would be like when you start working in the real world (in a job that has a bigger requirement of responsibility then sending the right size fries out with the correct bag to car park number 2) or get your first non fluffed up or over inflated report on performance. This generation is seriously demonstrating the attributes of a sissy fucken whineberg who is wrapped up in their political correctness blanket while they travel to their interwebs lawyer to try sue bob down the road because he looked at you strange. I am here to offer the Princesses of the Darkside (both past and present) a box of virtual tissue. Feel free to come grab some if this post seems earily close to familiar.
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    I will add some more insight to my head in wall act as it never has become public as to my punishment behind it, and while this entire thing was kept relatively private between the people involved, I doubt it's very private amongst the group of drop kicks. The end ruling for my actions resulted in a punishment where Luke gained from it and I lost previous efforts worth on getting something brand new (this will remain vague), but that wasn't good enough for Luke, he wanted my Admin rank completely revoked without any consideration for my efforts over the years as a staff member on the server, and it was very clear to the people involved that he wasn't going to be happy with any other result. If you guys haven't gotten the hint yet, Luke is very self centered and doesn't display consideration for anyone but himself or his gang members / friends, take the whole blue dragon gaming incident, or those very strangely timed mid night special auctions, need I say more? So in regards to putting your head through a wall; it is considered to be exploiting yes, however it's yet another ruling on every single server and gamemode that cannot be governed unless we sit on the server spectating every single player, which the responsible admins don't do, nor did we exploit the new spectating system our dear Luke added in and started spectating an owner during a clan war because "he wasn't using range finders!!", what an absolute joke, it's called using your map for a 3d marker you dunces. TL;DR I got punished in a way I'd considered to be rather severe, Luke got any apology regardless of whether he accepts I don't give two shits anymore, and the head in wall meme is and always will be considered exploiting, but it's not governable, if you're caught doing it I doubt I'll be one to punish you heavily likewise with every first run in. Now, shall we address this entertaining meme of the shitfest known as 666 vs TFO clan war? In my opinion clan wars are so bland, said the one losing and proceeding to rage quit after dying. These rejects still claim to have scripts of owners using esp / etc during this war however isn't it odd nothing has been posted? The only actual script of esp being used was on the 29th of September, 2017 which happened to be the Presidential clan war at 666 base that we had as a server event, other instances of scripts are simple quests skips most likely for testing or admin rewards, which we as staff are all entitled too, but only a very limited amount. Also, in terms of me putting my head through a wall, this is definitely one of the most innocent things done in comparison to certain previous staff members, unlike modifying the mission file and adding in ATM's for your own gang members, or starting special auctions so your gang can get special items, or running a redundant amount of special auctions at the start of a wipe enabling players access to garagable dar pawnees.. So yea, TFO eat my ass.