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    Good Evening Darkside Family, I am writing you all about something I heard. I am not hear to pass hate or to post any names. What I am here to say is I find it disturbing that people try to joke me dying in a war, so they can try to recruit my friends to there gang. Please Notice I didn't say gang/clan Members. I said my friends. This is not the first time and wont be the last I am sure, but what really kinda got me on this one is this. The joke was why stay with The Family cause Gridlock is going to war and will not be back, or maybe it was miss quoted and was just saying that Gridlocks going to war, so why stay with The Family. [I did however asked for the quote from 3 people and they all did say the same "he will not be back."] Either way the comment is kinda pushing personal to me. So I would like to say this. I am sorry. I am sorry that you feel that way about me and that you would wish that upon me. I do love my job and it does keep from having a normal life do to my travels. Thankfully I found some friends I have been able to take around the world with me (The Darkside), and no matter what part of the world even if the internet so shitting I cant get on to say hi I know and they know I will be back on to come hang out and have fun with my friends. I wish nothing else. I do know that not once have i ever gone to any other gang/clan and try to recruit a member, or have ever wished any harm on anyone, I have however made some friends with all of you whether your on the DSPD, A rival gang/clan member or just a random player i just robbed, I have never thrown any hate or ill will on any of you. You all in fact are the reason I come back every day, just to enjoy 30mins to hours of game play with. Be leave it or not your all Family to me. So again I am sorry that you have come to wish that upon me, and hope you give me forgiveness for what ever i have done for you to feel that way. In closing I will say what I always do but this time I will give you the meaning. Semper Fi. (This is short for Semper Fidelis) witch means "Always Faithful!" Respectfully, -Gridlock
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    Hey guys, I am back again but with something ALOT different this time.. I missed the Darkside 3 year purge event, so I decided to celebrate it in my own way - by making a video showing off The Darkside! This is also an appreciation video for all the long standing players and more specifically the clans that have been around a long time (even including the Ds APD!) @SCORPIOX 666 - @Jumpy Famers Union @Gridlock The Family - @Luke The Fallen Order - @Huntah Darkside Police Force All leaders of their respective clans, and police force Cheers for keeping the server up for such a long time. Hope you all enjoy this trailer-esq styled video I made about Darkside! PS - I hid two easter eggs in this. My good old friend @Mortogg appears in the video ever so briefly, keep an eye out for his little fedora! Also a Darkside sign. If you can spot them both you will earn your-self a little prize Cheers - M y l e Z
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    First Montage upload Hope you enjoy.
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    I took a long time to make this but a bad choice of a video so it might be terrible Oh well enjoy.
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    The content in this change log will come into affect when the database is wiped on Tuesday night, see this post for more details. New Economy Rework All in-game money values have been lowed to 20% of it's previous value, this includes all prices and payments. Factions Factions are AI controlled gangs. You can align yourself to a faction by completing missions started at their HQ. You can only be aligned to one faction at a time. Each faction specializes in a different skill and will give you different perks depending on it's specialization Faction areas are raid zones, they are however civ vs civ safezones. Unlike other raid zones, if the police chase someone into the area, they can continue to chase them into the zone without needing to raid. Police can perform a raid mission at the faction HQ's which will reward them and punish faction members (15 minute raid time) Molos Mafia Based near Molos, the Mafia specializes in profit. They use extortion methods to gain more payment for jobs for their members. Neo Notorious This faction specializes in weaponry, using drugs to fund their work they offer special weapons and armed vehicle perks to their members Crafting guild Posing as a legit business, the crafting guild offers it's members special crafting perks and bonuses when using certain items. Shop Opening Hours Markets, Hi-Tech Shops, Clothing Shops and License Shops now have different opening hours A 24 hour alternative for these shops in Pyrgos exist which never closes New Safezone A small area in the centre of Pyrgos, home to the stores that are opened 24 hours a day Altis Military EMP systems Any chopper (Or armed plane) flying above 1200m will be given a small chance to come lower before the Altis Military hit them with EMP (Actually drops fuel to zero). This include people from all sides, if the power station is destroyed, the EMP will not fire. New Power Station To house the new EMP technology, the Power Station has been moved and better fortifications have been setup around it. It is also now a fulltime KOS zone New Vehicle Shop Menu You are now able to see a preview of your selected vehicle with all of it's textures and special upgrade added. The adding upgrades system and layout has all also been improved Several new textures to vehicles that were previously missing Laws of War DLC Content Ambulance van for medics Utility van for mechanics Transport van for police Multiple van variants for civilians New clothing items added to shops Improved NLR system Now shows a marker around your death locations Stack properly now with each timer timed independently Shows the latest NLR timer on the quick display 1 menu NLR timers no longer last for an extra 10 seconds when they reach 0 seconds Dynamic Weather System Random weather such as rain, waves, fog, wind and overcast Random earthquakes that can occur at anytime Extreme weather conditions including sandstorms still to come Compatible with the weather station Blackfoot added on cop as a quest reward (Has the same rules as a Kajman) Kajman added on civilian as a random auction win (garaged but can't re-insure) New Police Department designs (Kavala, Athira, Paros & Sofia) New location & design for Zaros PD New Kavala Square design New Bus Stop design New Jail Design Magazine repacking (Ctrl + R) - Combines partially filled mags into full mags Lots of new clothing items to shops Auto-run feature which can be toggled with Ctrl + 0 Changes Extensive mission file code optimization and cleanup Updated the jump script (much smoother with no more camera glitches, superjumping or death glitches) The Flatbed Truck can no longer be purchased from the Car Shop (Moved to Truck Shop) Increase in the crafting cost of the following weapons (Navid, SPMG, Cyrus and RPG) You can now repair a vehicle without a repair kit (It just takes a lot longer) Drone squad drones now come with a lot less fuel and are unable to be re-fueled Night time sped up (The middle hours of the night will now go by a lot quicker) NOS can now be bound at a user action key (Space by default) Some modifications to quest and their rewards (Nothing major) Player speed is no longer affected by how many times you prestige Weapons and vehicles are no longer cheaper based on perk level, instead your movement speed is increased by 5% for each perk level House inventories can now be accessed instantly after spawning in Replaced khaki variants of some guns such as the 3GL with sand variants Slightly adjusted the height of both Telos Hospital and Sofia Hospital (also removed the bushes that were inside them) Fixes You no longer randomly lose stun armour from non-stun weapons Highway patrol squad members now properly get the 50% extra money for manning checkpoints Telos Hospital no longer has several gaps in it Posted 4 days before the wipe - May be added to between now and then
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    Wait you have the town names wrong, none of these town are in Tanoa.......
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    Afternoon all Hope everyone is having an enjoyable week! After reading through all of the applications; we have come up with a select few people that outshone the rest to become the new help desk moderators! These 4 people we believe have the ability and the responsibility to be able to handle the role well! xXTheSlayerXx Dinkle Ace Cody Remember this position is a privilege, not a right, if it is misused at ALL, it will be instantly stripped. Thank-you to all current staff, you are all doing such a fantastic job assisting us in keeping this server running so smoothly! We appreciate everything that you all do! We have also decided that now would be a better time than ever (with the new wipe coming Tuesday), That it would be a great opportunity to award those hard working staff members that have stuck true with us over these past months and even some for years. It gives me pleasure to announce the following help desk members have been promoted to Moderators due to their undying support to the server and its community: Salami M y l e Z DaB GhostRecon As well as the help desk doing such a strong job, our Moderators have been more than pulling their weight ten fold, granted, we chose a few that stood out above the rest that we think are ready to step up to a higher position. Those were: NinjaGlory Mongoose Fionik To those that put in applications but did not make it, we apologise but there was over 50 applications that we had to sift through and these were the best of the best, please do not be deterred; there will always be more opportunities! To those current staff that did not get a promotion, unfortunately we cannot always guarantee promotions into higher positions. This does NOT mean that all your hard work as gone unnoticed and taken for granted. Every single staff member past and present has had an impact on this server crafting it into what it is today, and we all thank you for that. Thank You Mr Bartender Head Administrator
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    Howdy pal's! With the server continuously growing and progressing into new areas, we've decided that it's time for another set of our trusted community members to possibly take up new roles in the staff team! If you think that should be one of those trusted members and have been wanting to give back to the server that you've loved playing on for so long, then look no further! (But do look down the post at the rules and questions..) Please apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/Er6vfiO7ExLj1X7b2 F.A.Q/Info: That link will take you to a form for you to fill out, it will include details about yourself, knowledge of our server and what you believe would be requested of you. All work of course is done in your spare time, which means there may be times that you might need to assist with the server, rather than playing. Q. Does being a donor weigh into the choice? A. No, everyone gets a fair go at this! Q. Does it matter about my previous notes, bans, warnings, etc. A. Yes, we will more than likely choose not to have people who have had multiple issues with their account, you will be someone that is to assist with rulings and dealing with issues, we wouldn't put someone in this position that has seen to break the rules they're are supposed to assist with enforcing. Q. Does it matter if I am in a gang, and what gang it might be? A1. No it does not matter if you are in a gang, that might mean you have more time to assist rather than always playing with your gang A2. Generally no, however, if you gang has quite a bad reputation, we may look poorly on this. Q. Does it matter how many hours I have? A. No, but the more hours the better, we look at people that are involved with the community and have been a name that stands out for some time! Entries close @ 11:59pm AEST Saturday the 16th of September! Possible benefits of being a part of our valued help desk team: Possible future promotions dependant of performance (Not guaranteed) Possible staff rewards dependant of performance (Not guaranteed) Knowledge that you are assisting the server continue being the most popular OCE Life server! If all of this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please don't hesitate to apply! Remember to answer to the best of your ability! As always, bothering current help desk, moderators, admins and owners about when the announcement on who was selected will be, or if they've read their application, or what they thought about their application; will result in their application becoming null and void. Good luck to all applicants! MrBartender Head Administrator
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    So it seems the rumors are true H E are Nazi's
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    Just a clip from last nights Marshal Law while playing on cop.
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    Does anyone in TFO not get salty when they're in a video these days and they don't win?
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    It's that time again for a fresh start, a new database puts all of our new players on the an equal playing field with the older players. We've been very busy preparing the post DB-wipe mission file update here, because of the large amount of changes involved we will be opening the new mission file on our dev server for 2 days before the wipe, so that we have time to fix any major bugs that may appear. Below are the details. What? Database wipe, Everything except a players WL-civ rank, Cop rank and donor level is wiped (Yes obviously perk level is wiped) When? Dev testing will start on Sunday 17th September (We will make a post with details) Main server will go down on Tuesday 19th September in the evening, we will clear the DB and start the new DB approx 30 minutes later This means you now have the weekend to use your stuff, I imagine the server will be in chaos. Lookout for our change log post, it will be published today
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    Howdy all! I feel like all of my posts start off like this recently as I'm unimaginative and can't think of anything swell to say, BUT with a new wipe, new staff, etc, I've re-organised staff members so that things will roll more smoothly (not that it doesn't already). This way, each staff member will have a position and role that they feel comfortable doing, this way, help desk and general community members will know which person to go for, for certain situations. Head of Staff: Dealing with day to day staff issues, ensuring that all staff are following guidelines and are completing daily duties. Complaints regarding staff members, or staff members requiring extra assistance are to come to me. MrBartender (Head Administrator) Forum Moderation: These Admins will deal with forums punishments, control of forum aggression, flame bait, etc. They will also be the ones to deal out punishments, e.g 20% loss of bank account for forum abuse. Fliqqs (Admin) Lynxaa (Admin) Compensation Requests: These Admins will be the primary staff dealing with compensation requests and issues, the Moderators will be there for assistance. SunDragoness (Admin) NinjaGlory (Admin) Fi0Nik (Admin) DaB (Moderator) M y l eZ (Moderator) Ghost Recon (Moderator) Gridlock (Moderator) Civilian White-list Control: Mongoose is the Admin in charge of everything to do with White-list civilian promotions/demotions and punishments, any changes need to go through either Mongoose, or if he is not available; please talk with Salami and inform him of anything you need to. Salami will be working hand in hand with Mongoose to assist him in his duties. Mongoose (Admin) Salami (Moderator) Server Development/Development Issues: Luke has everything to do with Server Development within the mission file alongside Huntah. Luke (Admin) Teamspeak Regulations: These Admins will deal with everything to do with TeamSpeak; channel creation, editing channels, giving server groups and membership control. Nolegs (Admin) Clan Base Moderation: ZrMz_x is in control of clan bases, adding, removing players and the control of clan base acceptance. ZrMz_x (Admin) Of course, all staff will be expected to go to help, in help desk wherever possible, and no one is above it, even myself. Obviously ban requests are for the Admins that deal with the situation and that hand out the ban, another admin will never un-ban someone that they haven't banned, as they might not know all of the information. As well as this, obviously staff are always to be granting memberships when prompted and they see posts on the forums requesting access. It is up to you to keep up to date with everything on the forums regarding changes, not knowing is not an excuse if it has been posted. Obviously all current staff should have a proper idea of what is needed of them, if you need assistance with your position, please contact either a senior admin, OR myself if you have any questions. Thanks for reading MrBartender Head Administrator
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    You need to be in a gang for more than 2 weeks to call out other gangs.
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    Officers and Rebels of Darkside, I give you; the complete statistics for the now previous wipe of the Police Force. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AItoFUjvtafGRvCo_sXbo8-77bOat-ptCwmEQrkcWWA/edit?usp=sharing Congrats to those that made officers of the wipe, well done, you all did a great job! Pretty sure that Luke Cage set a few records for hours and kills, hopefully someone smashes them next wipe! (Hours, not kills...) Thanks for Lynxaa and Nolegs giving me a hand with this too. MrBartender Police Commissioner Head Administrator
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    The servers, TS and some features of our website will be down for a few hours today while streamline do some power upgrade. No eta yet, we may just keep the main down though until the new DB this evening. Everyone go enjoy the sunlight, you wont be seeing it for a few months.
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    yeah nah just whenever I wake up from my nap
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    A personal message from HE's fav Romanian streamer
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    Maybe if you want to start a conversation about admins don't call them hypocrites in the topic title and expect an unbiased discussion when it reeks of salt. "There is a reason people say that Darkside has the worst helpdesk system, I have heard it many times before. " probably from people who got banned.
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    I will admit, this is a bit of a longer montage than usual. but yeah here it is... lots of different clips. the first half is from like 2-3 months ago aswell.
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    My jet works just as well
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    If you need to free up some HDD space, try this next time.
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    Shocked considering how much effort I put into helping people, Nothing of value will be lost /thread
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    -!- Darkside Altis New Vehicle/weapon Pricing -!- Here is a list of the vehicles / weapons / and some clothing pricing for the new database wipe that I have taken in game. This can help people understand the new economy pricing and how much the higher priced vehicles are. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Civilian Land Vehicles - Quadbike - $600 Hatchback - $1,200 Offroad - $2,000 SUV - $3,000 Hatchback Sport - $6,000 MB 4WD - $8,000 Van Transport - $15,000 -Rebel Land Vehicles - Ifrit - $120,000 Strider - $120,000 Offroad (Armed) - $70,000 Qilin (Armed) - $100,000 Strider HMG - $700,000 Ifrit HMG - $700,000 Prowler (Armed) - $128,000 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Civilian Air vehicles - M-900 - $44,000 MH-9 Hummingbird (Civ shop) - $70,000 PO-Orca - $100,000 WY-55 Hellcat - $170,000 CH-49 Mohawk - $170,000 Mi-290 Taru (Ammo) - $200,000 Mi-290 Taru (Fuel) - $300,000 Mi-290 Taru - $440,000 CH-67 Huron (Unarmed) - $440,000 -Rebel Air Vehicles - MH-9 Hummingbird (Rebel shop) - $74,000 Pawnee - $540,000 PO-30 Orca (Armed) - $640,000 UH-80 GhostHawk - $840,000 CH-67 Huron (Armed) - $840,000 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Jets / Planes - Caesar - $400,000 A-143 Buzzard (AA) - $500,000 A-164 Wipeout (CAS) - $600,000 A-149 Gryphon - $660,000 T0-199 Neophron (CAS) - $720,000 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Rebel Training - Rebel Training - $6,000 Advanced Rebel Training - $10,000 Rebel Vehicle Training - $20,000 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Weapons - Zubr .45 acp - $2,000 ACP-C2 .45 ACP - $2,600 AKS-740 5.45mm - $3,000 SPAR-16 5.56mm - $6,000 LIM-85 5.56mm - $7,000 Sting 9mm - $1,800 Vermin SMG .45 ACP - $1,800 SDAR 5.56mm - $3,000 TRG-21 5.56mm - $4,000 CMR-76 6.5mm - $6,600 Katiba 6.5mm - $5,000 CAR-95 5.8mm - $5,500 Mk200 6.5mm - $8,000 AKM 7.62mm - $10,000 MX SW 6.5mm - $10,000 MXM 6.5mm - $10,000 Rahim 7.56mm - $12,800 Mk18 7.56mm - $12,800 ASP-1 Kir 12.7mm - $18,000 Mk14 7.56mm - $22,000 Mk1-EMR 7.56mm - $22,000 SPAR-17 7.56mm - $30,000 Zafir 7.56mm - $40,000 AK-12 7.56mm - $40,000 Mar-10 .338 - $40,000 M320 .408 - $48,000 Type 115 6.5mm /.50 - $64,000 GM6 Lynx 12.7 - $80,000 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Rough Rebel Clothing Prices - Full Ghillies - $1,500 Vest Explosive Resistant - $2,500 Vest Armor Level III - $1,500 Vest Armor Level IV - $2,000 Vest Armor Level V - $2,500 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If there are any errors or things I have forgotten to add please let me know...
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    HDD was getting full... Figured I'd post another video Hope you enjoy!
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    Darkside, I like to thank you all for the kind words, to be honest was at work all day wondering why even care to look back on this tread and just head off and leave The Darkside behind. Unfortunately I find it really hard to do because I love hanging out here to much, love spending hours on monitor helping players, and love keeping The Family alive. Overall I hope to be doing it for a very long time! If i have ever done something to personally hurt any of you in anyway, I am sorry. I come here to hang out have a good time and maybe if I'm lucky have some good shoot outs and great role play with you all. Thank you all again. Cya on The Darkside of Altis! Semper Fi -Gridlock
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    Locking this thread as everyone is just getting baited over and over again.
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    for the sole purpose of removing some clips from my HDD, next one will be better than this
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    Just a short meme for fun
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    Very much reminds me of this excerpt of excellent police work from when @Guardian just finished a pack of durries and burst out laughing.. @Fliqqs @Kuma @Salami
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    11 months, 3 weeks ago Warning Read *** note for more info.. Although ***did antagonise with the first message sent that fired up ryans abusive remarks, i believe that ryan should not have sent toxic messages through such as " your not wanted on this server". 'end yourself"... Both are in the wrong with the abusive messages but i feel ryan went way too far in threatening a new player (LINK) - (LINK) 11 months, 1 week ago Warning Sent a photo of TFO Nemesis , which was not appreciated by Nem. Evidence >> (Link) (Mcguire is Ryan) Warned him not to share personal information or photograph's , informed him this is his final chance before any serious action is taken. Yes, only in the last six months it's been bias towards hating you, surprised you lasted this long, upgraded your ban to perm, clearly being sad enough to involve personal crap is a trait of yours, good fucking riddance.
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    Glad @Huntah was able to pull through against the others and take the title of best chief of police!! well done buddy!! someone is in for a double promo next month
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    Hey all - The Dev server is about to go live, IP for direct connect is and PW is dswipetest. Play the server as per normal and post bugs when you find them, we want our actual release on tuesday to be as smooth as possible. Please turn on script errors and send a screenshot of them in with bug reports if possible. If playing cop, use an un-used police TS channel. Feel free to share the pw with anybody as long as they understand that this is for dev testing and all gained quest/stats etc will be wiped on tuesday when our real DB wipe happens. We expect maturity on the dev server, if we have to ban people, we'll make sure you miss the start of the database wipe as well. You will start with 10X the normal starting money ($200k) and counters for robberies and such has been removed, have fun and report bugs!
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    Yip of course, we always try to add everything arma3 has to offer. You will see the DLC stuff with our next mission file update in a week or so. Everything will most likely be added.
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    Im gonna neck if i see another thread regarding CoSW "CoSW is Back Baby" "CoSW Tribute" "CoSW Thankyou"
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    So you disband a gang that you could of handed leadership down to an executive because your wanting to make a new gang? you have single handedly killed one of the oldest living gangs on the server. Paul put so much money into this gang you absolute dickhead.
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