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    Quick montage i put together enjoy
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    PG 65+ Parental Guidance is recommended.
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    Just to do something different This is Vikos over a 3 hour period that i sped up to make a 48 minute video I added some advertisements in the background just to break up the silence, maybe you want some of the products advertised?, just google them and im sure you can find the right information you need.
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    Cops need to learn, and adapt you cant all crowd a door way...
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    Sorry @Mongoose
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    Guardian | Kill Montage 8 - Leave a comment and what you think...
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    I'll be making a second one some point this year (when ever i'm bored) as I still have a lot of videos not used up.
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    @mynamejeff hope it isn't as simple this time, i hope. or a CoSW killtarge
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    You near crashed his internet with that Lag switch of yours
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    Jeffro "Oh they're getting revs fuck sake." Stinkyminge "Nah they're not." *pops a melon* GOOD SHIT
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    Wtf is this demonic shit those people need god in there life.
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    Who is in charge of keeping our infrastructure in good conditions as it is hard to catch criminals when this happens. https://gyazo.com/b0a6092257701a58668c5a9d1ecf4a42 credit to [S.S] Imposing for the footage.
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    Trash Quality Cause Movie Maker But The Laugh is The Key Factor...
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    It was funny.