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    Here's some clips i threw together:) Ive been busy with work lately so the next one ill edit and dec it out because i have a TON more clips. And thanks for the good times ive had on darkside during cop and civ
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    There would have been more but we're uncomfortable showing violence against women
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    And never forget that if all else fails, follow the next important steps: 1. Sign on to http://thedarksidegames.invisionzone.com/ 2. Start new thread in Community Discussion OR Ideas and Suggestions. 3. Name it something very opinionated like COPS LETHAL TOO MUCH or GIVE US A NAVID BUFF 4. Continue to blame everything possible for the failure of your CP but never ever admit that it may be that your just not as good as you think. Make sure to like comment and subscribe for more tips and tricks
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    little 1v5 that just happened while in first person
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    Not cool taking advantage of new pubbies, especially in the safezone
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    You can not commit any serious crimes in a Safe Zone. These crimes include arson, stealing, robbing, killing, hostage taking, etc. Breaching the Safe Zone rules can be punished by a kick or a ban.
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    Imagine your age was every CoSW member's age combined lmao
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    Feel free to post your clips
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    Here is my gang getting an easy 8 man frag was honestly too easy couldnt even fit all the kills in the feed
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    Very minimal effort was inserted into the making / editing of this video.
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    Scares us? No we encourage it... Free lethals for all.
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    It really scares cops if you use armoured vehicles and/or RPG's at checkpoint too.
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    he likes things in his mouth ... IE...big c**k
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    HAHA when people have been playing too much red dead redemption 2
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    Come on kiddies, kill each other on the server, not here.
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    Failed or not atleast he's in a gang that isn't full of uneducated home schooled children ?
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    No please, it's the only thing I can use! ?
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