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    Welcome back once again! This time I have a super fkn long video, to please those that like montages, and others that like memetages & funnies. Funnies/Memes start at 7:22 for those who are lazy
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    Hey all, After a lot of thought and deliberation I've come to the conclusion that its time for me to say my goodbyes to the server as my life has become increasingly busy and I just simply don't have the time to dedicate to ArmA anymore. Its been an amazing time since I joined December 2015. I've created so many friendships and great moments with such a vast portion of the community. I've see people come and go and come back again and its always exciting to see old faces pop up again and also stuck through the ups and downs of the server (Tanoa, I'm looking at you). But alas, its my turn to take my leave. Huge shoutouts to the TFO (@Luke, @MyleZ, @Jman, @GhostfaceKillah, @JustTheTip) and FU (@Salami, @Jumpy, @Razor, @nightelf691) boys for taking me in when I had nowhere else to go. Shoutout to @Fliqqs and @Kuma for doing my cop interview and (and @Pr0Magic) helping me become what I did, shoutout to @SunDragoness for being my cop battle buddy throughout the entire time from cadet to assistant commissioner and finally a massive thank you to the staff team @Huntah, @SCORPIOX, @MrBartender and everyone else who has made this community so amazing. I may pop in to say hi every now and again but I'm officially resigning my Cop, Staff and Civ Ranks. Its been a pleasure DarkSide, see everyone around! - Syn
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    Tonight the server will be running an event to determine if the special auctions will be held this weekend. When? Tonight (30/6/17) sometime between 8 and 10pm NZT An announcement will be made in game before the event is set to start What? A truck filled with goodies destined for the special auctions has been located by police, they will have one hour to get to the truck and confiscate it. They will have martial law set as this is a very important target, stopping the rebels from holding a special auction should be every cops main concern as this will help lower the amount of blackfoots, dar pawnees and other op rebel stuff being used against cops. The rebels however will find out the location of the truck before the police do, giving them time to set up and defend it. It is in every rebels best interest to make sure this truck survives and for the special auctions to happen. Rules Police will be following normal martial law rules, or lack of. Rebels will not be permitted to declare on one another in the mission area, accidental crossfire will not be punished as RDM but any deliberate killing of other rebels will be punishable. This is meant to be rebel vs cop only. If the police slots become too full with police officers that a higher rank deems not in their best interest to utilize, the highest ranking officer may ask that police officers log out to make way for other officers with access to higher firepower Extra Info The truck will be godmoded so the only way it can be destroyed is by police The event will be moderated to prevent trolls Rebels will be-able to return to the area once their NLR expires, cops of course can keep returning since martial law If the truck is not destroyed within an hour, the rebels win and the special auctions will run on friday, saturday and sunday nights. If the truck is destroyed then the special auctions will not happen at all this weekend. The police busy variable will be set to true to prevent c4 planting and knox/research cracks during the event.
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    ...heaps better ...heaps better ...heaps better
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    Sigh.. I wouldn't say hated, TDA had the respect of the owners, that's why they got their base back, because they embraced the meme about their base being removed and didn't act like a bunch of children about it. Even after lastnights de-qualification I talked to some members, and felt like we understood each other quite well, the aids that occurred though with some of the members and leader... no wonder the clan is done, hopefully the decent members find another clan to play in, and the troll fuck-wits leave the server
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    Just a heads up to all of those making going away posts and what not, They are starting to clog up the forums and are a bit of a waste of time. Instead of making a post please message the required people: If you are going away and do not want to lose ranks on cop message @MrBartender, @Fliqqs or @ZrMz_x If you are going away and do not want to lose your white listed civilian rank message @Mongoose Cheers, DaB.
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    Could have done a couple of inter-clan events for instance, the whole clan rolling around armed except the clan leader and either clan has to capture the leader, fight for KOS, tally the total tokens of the clan members, recount at the end and whoever obtained more wins.. but you have to also fight other clans in that scenario.. we used to have it so the clan war went on for as long as it took for one of the clans to concede and wave the white flag.. but people used to get shamed by giving up and generally left the server... but that way kinda drove people off the server so that had to stop. Maybe we could think of a way to do something and you can code it @Luke. like an "at war" variable enabling people on a clan base to capture a specific area (another clans flag) or for TDA capturing Sofia.. lol, we probably need to think of a concrete way to decide a victor if these are going to become a thing again.
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    This clan war ended up being a lot of fun, with some intense combat on the new Malden map. Unfortunately 2 of the participating clans had to be disqualified as they had players participating who weren't in the clan, defeating the purpose of a 'clan war'. Winning clans: 1. TFO - 476 points 2. 666 - 261 points 3. FU - 162 points 4. TF - 157 points 5. APO - 109 points 6. APMC - 78 points Disqualified clans: 7. TDA - 295 points 8. CoSW - 78 points The TeamSpeak channel positions for each clan have been adjusted according to these results, and the winner rewards will be handed out within the next couple of days. As for clan base positions, @ZrMz_x will be putting up a thread this week for each clan to choose their positions. Thank you to all of those who participated. We hope you had fun and enjoyed the clan war.
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    But you guys sure as shit didn't do the same.... attacking a run with 3 pawnee's including a DAR
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    Felt like making a short meme clip :^)
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    Just something I threw together, hope you enjoy.
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    Good informative post man.. thanks, definitely going to help me when I wonder where you are.
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    It has been quite some time since my last montage (which is probably for the best), so today I bring you: Mike's Darkside Mini Meme Compilation Enjoy.
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    Business Name: Trade Federation [TRF] Four Chosen Employees and SteamID64s: [TRF] Hunterz 76561198079454706 [TRF] Bush Wookiz 76561198038377662 [TRF] Roxas 76561198003892507 [TRF] Tom Stewart 76561198275454993 Do you have the required combined hours?: Yes we have over 700 hours combined Do you understand all of the above rules?: Each member has read the rules and understands them completely Are you a donator, if so what tier and do you want to include the donor special into your business hq?: I am a Gold donator and would like to have the donor special. Info about us We have been Operation with 4 members these last few weeks and have been constantly crafting and selling while taking big orders from big Gangs. We already have ourselves a Business Structure that helps us organise the way we complete our orders in a very timely fasion. For the community we will be bringing huge amounts of Super Capacity upgrades, Super Security upgrades, Super Fuel upgrades and so on at a reasonable affordable price that will guaranteed make the average civilian happy. Our cost effective methods of producing such fine Equipment will also guarantee a huge profit for the Business. We plan on doing monthly markets where we sell huge amounts of stock to the civilian population at a cheap price that will make everyone's draw drop. We may not be a big Business but we sure as hell make others think we are.
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    @unknown I got you fam
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    No i have not been kicked or banned from this server, but I was banned on Darkside gaming as the corrupt owner didn't like me. This happened this afternoon - Rice Kun - Whitelist app StrayaGaming - 2017 You corrupt owner you.. @Huntah
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    About as useless as this cry for attention ecks dee
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    >TDA disbands>Sofia gas gets moved back Catch ya's round boys, was fun
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    The Boys approve
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    Afternoon all Hope everyone is having an enjoyable week! After reading through all of the applications; we have come up with a select few people that outshone the rest to become the new help desk moderators! These seven people we believe have the ability and the responsibility to be able to handle the role well! @Parks @Ghost Recon @Kuma @A Smart Idiot @MyleZ @HARLSTAR @Razor Remember this position is a privilege, not a right, if it is misused at ALL, it will be instantly stripped. Thank-you to all current staff, you are all doing such a fantastic job assisting us in keeping this server running so smoothly! We appreciate everything that you all do! To those that put in applications but did not make it, we apologise but there was over 60 applications that we had to sift through and these were the best of the best, please do not be deterred; there will always be more opportunities! Thank You Mr Bartender Head Administrator
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    [2017-07-27 | 19:30:32] (Unknown) Peter: Admins are pretty useless, I doubt their on You're banned for 1 day, I'm too useless to remove it sowwy
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    Due to the cards that have been dealt on our table, It come with much regret that TDA will be closing down shop, The gang was a tight bunch of lads that had a laugh and overall enjoyed getting on. We did have our moments which did cause a bad reputation which all gang members had to carry on their backs, In which I personal apologise for. Some of you might be happy that the gang you hated for so long has finial "fucked off", But just keep in mind that people put a lot of effort into try to make this gang a great gang, So thank you to @Outlaw and @Special for putting so much effort into the gang. Also thanks to TFO for the countless little wars we had with each other, Might of been annoying but everyone got some good laughs out of it. So to close it out, TDA will be closing down for good and we look towards the future to see what comes of us.
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    @SCORPIOX Note to self.. remember "Waffle" next time im on the database.
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    @ZrMz_x When you forget to hide the toy after your last bounce session.
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    Credit to @M y l e Z for helping me with a bit of editing and uploading it.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, Today I write to announce the establishment of the newest gang on The Darkside Games, 'The Humble Exterminators' We consist of current Darkside players whom have come together to create a new presence on the server. Good luck to the other gangs. I would say you're gonna need it but were humble folk, so just watch your backs. Signed Mithzaron NinjaGlory Ace
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    HDD was filling up again so I made another video! Enjoy all! Cheers for being awesome!
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    lol, when he does his ban appeal, we'll show him this post
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    I have an idea that I would like to add, however before doing so I would like to hear some input on it's usefulness. I'll explain the idea, please make sure you read everything before asking questions, I only want proper informed replies, if you do not have the servers balance in mind, then you need not reply here. The Idea A new way to play cop, by joining a 'Patrol officer' slot, you will patrol altis in patrol vehicles, responding only to driving offences and civilian calls for assistance. Rules A patrol officer will not be allowed to participate in the response of certain crimes, they will instead be limited to the following. * Patrolling roads, checking for licenses, reckless drivers etc * Responding to civilian calls for help * Meeting people handing themselves in * RP matters * Responding to gas station robberies * Arresting wanted criminals found while patrolling They will only be allowed to patrol in certain vehicles, most likely nothing armoured, regardless of squad. How to play as a patrol officer This is yet to be thought out, but starting out with a limited number of slots dedicated to the job, then maybe in the near future a roster, we'll have to see how much interest there is before limiting its availability. Pros * Great for new players who will actually get responses from their calls for help * A good RP experience for the officers involved, without the stress of jumping from one rebel activity to another * Safer roads/cities, since these officers will be-able to devote their time to responding to lesser crimes * Possibly a higher number of interested police, since many officers get put off cop by bad experiences getting owned all the time, this will give them a break from that Cons * Takes away from the response force (May not be an issue - yet to see) * Everybody will just want to play this role (I don't think this will happen because of the limitations, but it will suit some officers perfectly) I'm sure there's more cons, that's why I made this post. If not already obvious, these patrol officers will not count towards the online cop counter. During martial law they will still be kos to rebels, however their job and rules do not change. Thoughts?
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    I just happened to be in Kavala at the time, when I hear a public cop talking about a rule break that yourself and another player did so I stepped in because you thought it wasn't breaking the rules. You trolling and making other public cops lives hard in Kavla, great example you're setting as a Sergeant to all these up and coming officers of the force. All I ever saw you do in-game and out of game was abuse people. Good Luck with your "3000 other servers to play on" coz you aint coming back to this number #1 OCE altis life community... I'll look forward to laughing at your ban appeal in the future. P.S: Thanks for correctly typing my name out. <3
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    Just going through all the shit that I found on my hard drive, this is some of my favourites, and im only halfway through the videos. (Disclaimer, I was NOT kav trolling, I was observing)
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    -Fliqqs has log on cop- Police force- "Click"
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    When - Friday 14th Where - Main Airfield When - 5:00 PM Prizes - Hatchback Sports - $45K Per entry - Winner takes all SUV - 25k Per entry - Winner takes all Offroad - 10k Per entry - Winner takes all Gokarts - 10k Per entry - Winner takes all Hummingbird races - $200k Per entry - Winner takes all Police VS Civ races - Bragging Rights This is a sanctioned (legal) drag racing tournament held by Altis Mechanics, This tournament will host 5 different categories Hatchback Sports - 1v1 Winner moves on. SUV - 1v1 Winner moves on. Offroad 1v1 - Winner moves on. Gokarts - Time Trial Hummingbirds - Time Trial And a Special Competition between the Civilians & Police 3 Racers will be selected to go up against Altis finest! Please help us make this a fun & exciting event and leave your weapons at home! For the 1v1 races, you are allowed to use 1x nos for each race mechanics will be on standby to distribute rev fest approved nos, EMS will also be on Standby in case of any crashes that may occur during the races & Security will be present during the event to make sure nobody drinks too much and decides to make some bad decisions about life! Good luck to all of those that will be entering the tournament!
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    When Thursday 6th July (9pm NZT) Where Dev server, password will be given to clan leaders near the start time (Don't spam ask for it) Who There will be dedicated slots for each clan that currently has a base on the map, 10 slots per clan, if you have more people you will have to rotate them throughout the event What The event will be a King of the Hill type situation, every minute the server will count how many of your members are close to the point and add that number to your score. The point will change position 3 times (Plus the first position) so there will be a total of 4 areas. The event will last one hour, with a change in position every 15 minutes. The clan with the most points at the end of the one hour is the winner. Spawns Each clan will have their own group spawn point on the outer edge of the combat zone which is a safe zone, making spawn camping useless. Weapons Everytime you respawn you will be given a random weapon selected from a list of weapons. The list of available weapons for your clan increases by 1 new weapon for each $15m your clan has in their clan funds (Money must be in there by 12 noon Thursday 6th July). You will not lose the money in your clan funds. List of weapons * Default: Protector * $15m: Protector, PDW * $30m: Protector, PDW, Vermin * $45m: Protector, PDW, Vermin, Sting * $60m: Protector, PDW, Vermin, Sting, AKS-74U * $75m: Protector, PDW, Vermin, Sting, AKS-74U, TRG * $90m: Protector, PDW, Vermin, Sting, AKS-74U, TRG, MK20 * $105m: Protector, PDW, Vermin, Sting, AKS-74U, TRG, MK20, SPAR-16 * $120m: Protector, PDW, Vermin, Sting, AKS-74U, TRG, MK20, SPAR-16, MX * $135m: Protector, PDW, Vermin, Sting, AKS-74U, TRG, MK20, SPAR-16, MX, CMR * $150m: Protector, PDW, Vermin, Sting, AKS-74U, TRG, MK20, SPAR-16, MX, CMR, MK18 * $165m: Protector, PDW, Vermin, Sting, AKS-74U, TRG, MK20, SPAR-16, MX, CMR, MK18, Zafir Prizes First Place * $100m Clan Funds * + 3000 Space in clan storage * Top position in gang section of TS (If your clan has channels) * First choice of clan base position for August clan base updates Second Place * $50m Clan Funds * + 2500 Space in clan storage * Second position in gang section of TS (If your clan has channels) * Second choice of clan base position for August clan base updates Third Place * $25m Clan Funds * + 2000 Space in clan storage * Third position in gang section of TS (If your clan has channels) * Third choice of clan base position for August clan base updates Forth Place * $10m Clan Funds * + 1500 Space in clan storage * Forth position in gang section of TS (If your clan has channels) * Forth choice of clan base position for August clan base updates Positions 5 and onwards receive... * Their winning position as their clan TS channels positions * Their winning position as their choice for August clan base upgrades How to apply? Simply State your clans interest in this thread. Extra Info The event will be set on Malden in 4 different locations. Rules No spawn camping No meta-gaming No abuse All clans must wear their tags
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    To be fair guys, if this shit is going keep going on between the 2 gangs then do something once and for all or just stop the shit talk that isn't needed. I don't think you guys can decide between yourselves who won so what till the actual clan war when you will face everyone else and lets see who wins that. Simple.
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    Didn't expect the answer to be a poll.. lol, not very accurate when the bigger clan can get more votes from its own members
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    Because you used a song in one of your videos, and someone used the same one 6 months later, this is such a horrible thing to do all of a sudden? It was 6 months ago, you don't even play anymore. You can't expect people to know the song every single person uses in their montages. Pretty stupid that you would randomly come on the forums to troll and start trouble like this.