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  2. LSD is Open for Recruitment!

    How old are you? 17 How many hours played on Arma 3? 160 Hours How long have you been on The Darkside? Recently returning, 30 hours total Are you financially stable? If not do you require financial benefits to get your investments? (ingame) Think I'm pretty good, can sustain my own needs though ofc i wont turn down a helping hand. If you require financial support from the gang are you willing to work to become economically independent from the gang? Well I'm fending for myself currently so i don't see how that's any different, so yes of course I am.
  3. Removing Apex Assets

    Tanoa was a bit fun especially the gun fights under the water with the cops.
  4. Whitelist civ app

    +1 Derpy Singo is a very friendly and has an amazing understand of role-play and the rules. I would love to see him as a WL Civ
  5. Whitelist civ app

    B U M P please.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Removing Apex Assets

    Tanoa got boring too fast, every possible way of doing everything got exhausted way too fast and you were forced to do the same shit everyday.. Tanoa was not a good server for our combat based life, where as Altis has variation and you can try different tactics to do different things.
  8. Meme Page

    well at least you traded
  9. Removing Apex Assets

    Tanoa really wasnt that fun for this type of Life server. Sure. It did have more CQC but due to its size and density of flora the game play sucked more then a Dyson vaccuum. Altis is proven, and until Bohemia merge all maps into one world map. I doubt we would ever go back
  10. Internet Speed

  11. Internet Speed

    you gotta get on this cable life dab
  12. Meme Page

    Lawn mower/10
  13. Farewell :)

    I love these post wipe purges. Gets rid of all the tards..
  14. Farewell :)

    So... the leader of a "clan" called "Fallen Trolls Combined" who admitted that they are in fact trolls In their clan recruitment post .. got banned... for trolling? Who the fuck saw that coming?
  15. KyanCatMeow's WL Civilian App

    1 hour? Mhh.. Approved, make sure you're fully aware of the whitelist civ rules since you have had this role before and it has been removed, we wont hesitate to do it again.
  16. KyanCatMeow's WL Civilian App

    A bit @Lynxaa
  17. KyanCatMeow's WL Civilian App

    Have you played since the wipe? @KyanCatMeow
  18. KyanCatMeow's WL Civilian App

    B U M P
  19. Meme Page

  20. Farewell :)

    Later nerds.
  21. Farewell :)

    Don't bother coming back, the middle ages men want to run a gaming community, not a pre-school. To save our time, and more of your very important life, we'll make sure your bans are upgraded to perm.
  22. The Family

  23. The Family

    In-Game name: deadaim Age: 27 Darkside hours and Arma III hours: 935 Have you read and understood the all the server rules: yes What makes you want to join The Family: i have before joined thought it broke up in spite of seeing most members leave and when i was on for the last week or two no one else was in channel or in gang reason for leaving unfortunately but since i saw it up and running again would like to rejoin Have you been in any previous gangs: f.s roca and rag Have you ever been banned: no And most importantly, have you ever watched the Godfather: yes a couple
  24. Farewell :)

    (While some will deffinetly disagree) it was good having you around. You and Wasaiki litterally picked me up from the streets of kav when I first came onto the server, and that was only the beggining. Thanks for the countless memes in SaS, all the server rules youve changed as a direct result of what you guys do, helping through the cluster fuck that happened with CoSW and just being absolute legends in general. Have fun with that new 'Real Life' DLC
  25. Farewell :)

  26. Farewell :)

    Hi all, I decided now would be a great time to get my life together and do something useful. I've been on the Darkside for nearly 2 years and have made so many great mates, but it's time to start a new chapter in my life. Over 1700 hours, about 1.2% of my life has been spent playing on this server with so many great people, but it's time to do something other than being pushed around by middle-aged men sitting at their computers (that's what I got a job in retail for ). Jokes aside, thanks to nolegs to whipping out his huge dick of anti-kav-trolling and banning me and wasaiki, as we've figured out what we've been wasting our lives on. We may be back on in future but for now, thanks for the goofs and gabs and I hope you all have nice lives and eat all the nutella, Reese's peanut butter cups (MVP's will understand) and vegemite you possibly can (marmite is a lie). y'all can add me on steam if you wish: Steammmmm -meme <3 just to clarify, we only got a 2 week @Mithzaron
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