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  2. August Clan Base Updates

    Adding: APMC | Zanix Lenovo - 76561198068945887 APMC | SLAY - 76561198107584948 APMC | Nidd - 76561197993057377 APMC | Joikex - 76561198067173442
  3. August Clan Base Updates

    Sorry guys, but there have been some changes recently that need to be addressed. If someone could please delete my previous post on this thread, that would be much appriciated. Thanks Company of Scally Wags [CoSW] Adding Killer Memestar: 76561198152453299 Anthony: 76561198272166816 Wasaiki: 76561198106478135 Mr. Willo: 76561198133789177 Valiant: 76561197960287930 Rustle: 76561198083468613 BlaZe_Vect0r: 76561198064784553 Removing Xanax: 76561198078382818 Ross: 76561198073313487 Vex: 76561198023058838 Krentist: ID is not known Goose: ID is not known Jack Heisen: ID is not known
  4. Re; Ban appeal

    Hunter will no doubt reply when he reads this.
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  6. Guardian | Kill Montage 6

  7. Re; Ban appeal

  8. In-Game Name: Lachl Age:14 Hours on Darkside/arma 3: Darkside 70hrs/Arma 3 107hrs Do you have a mic: Yes Have you ever been banned: No never Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198173130223 Favorite Weapon: Happy With any gun Quest Line goals: GCU and CCU Why do you want to join Tnr? I would like to join Tnr as you seem like a very chill, mature clan with great pvp capabilities. All your members are very chill and nice, i also know Shadowwolf that has been accepted recently.
  9. Travis Abdullah Whitelist Application

    I've tried everything to download and use teamspeak but it's just not working.
  10. In-Game Name: Lone Donor?: Was twice in the past Age: 17 Do you have a headset: Yes Do you have, or will get TS3: Yes Have you been banned from our server? (If so why?): No Have you read and understood the whitelisted Civ rules (View-able on the map screen in-game): Yes Why do you want to be Whitelisted? Be descriptive.. This is a ROLEPLAY orientated position, “To play Medic/Mechanic” is not a valid response: I would like "White-list Civ" because I believe in helping people. I've been white listed before, I played mostly medic because I found that when you help other people. You feel better about yourself, It also gives a large change of game-play when comparing it to the average "Civ". I enjoyed the experience and wish to acquire the satisfying thanks that you get from every play once you heal them or revive them. Please allow me to continue my role in this society. A brief description about yourself (Your play style):Do you understand that any breach of your jobs rules could cause you to be un-whitelisted without warning: I enjoy playing a relaxed player. In-game I like to be doing something, rather than pesting people with questions. I like to be somewhat independent, but I love a big fight when there is one. I honestly don't mind driving across the 16 kilometer stretch in a zamak just to get a couple hundred thousand dollars worth. I find this game extreamily fun in every aspect, and allowing me to become a medic would only improve my experience on this server. Thank you, Lone
  11. APMC Recruitment

    1. In game Username: Eclipse 2. Player UID/steam id: 76561198309859632 3. Age: 15 4. Hours played on the Darkside: 103 on this wipe. 5. Hours playing Arma: 723, other wise over 1500 spread over two accounts. 6. Have you been banned from the darkside. If so Why?: Nope 7. Play style: Calm, quick thinker...I prefer to snipe as that's what I'm getting into, I don't mind close range either. Anything will do. I need lots of communication and teamwork. I never fight alone unless it's my only choice. 8. Why would you like to join APMC: I would love to join APMC because I'd like to get a bigger reputation, get to make more friends, the main reason is because I'm currently in FS but they're pretty in active, and it sucks as I i'm more of a team player personally. 9. Previous Gangs: TF (Back on Tanoa Life) & FS. 10. Have your read an understood both Darkside and APMC Rules: Yes. 11. Anything else your might like to add: THAT TIME WE BLEW UP YOUR CEMENT RUN WAS ALL MONGOOSE'S IDEA I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS GONNA HAPPEN.
  12. August Clan Base Updates

    The Family [TF] (clan base) Adding [TF]-wolfypack - 76561198214394488 [TF] Noah - 76561198316886681 Nuron von carstein - 76561198189718171 Maxon von carstein - 76561198107621739 Removing AndySmith - 76561198133969002 Walrus - 76561198057325430 Kurt Cobain - 76561198027558625 Wolfy - 76561198098146869 Clan base design will be sent soon
  13. August Clan Base Updates

    sR ELITE [sR] Clan Base Adding [sR] low88blazr -76561198396388737-
  14. Guardian | Kill Montage 6

    Well that was fucking gay Good montage
  15. While playing as a medic last night, I couldn't get an officer out of a vehicle to revive him, no matter what I tried (Flipping vehicle just made it the same, couldnt pull out etc.) As a last resort, I tried nudging the vehicle over with an abandoned SUV found nearby. It did not end well.. Is there any way to remove someone from a vehicle that has been flipped over, to revive them? Thanks, HunterJup.
  16. Guardian | Kill Montage 6

    DIDN'T I TELL YOU NOT TO USE THIS DAMN SONG?!?!?!?! Nah g good Montage
  17. New White-listed Officers

    Can I please be added Thank you
  18. Guardian | Kill Montage 6

    Feel free to leave any tips you have down in the comments/Replies
  19. Security Rules Clarification

    thanks for the clarification Huntah.
  20. Security Rules Clarification

    If they have three whitelisted cops with them right then and there, then yeah they can and they call it a raid. Otherwise they must stop and wait for backup before entering, or go do something else.
  21. Security Rules Clarification

    thanks Huntah. Just one point - You can not chase into red zones (Just like cops can't) as a civ, I've been chased in the KOS by officers who claimed that they could, as they had enough WL cops to qualify for a raid. Should that not happen? Great ideal about the patrol cops helping with bank escort
  22. Change Log (25/07/2017)

    ahhh so this explains the Security Hunter with super sec being blown up thanks Huntah.
  23. Travis Abdullah Whitelist Application

    nice app, needs paragraphs, but not sure how you can communicate effectively without TS. WL civs are called into TS Helpdesk a bit and this may cause an issue for you.
  24. WL cop app and WL civ app at the same time? while its you can apply for both, how do you plan to dedicate enough of your time to be both a medic and an officer?
  25. Security Rules Clarification

    You can tag along with police raids. You can not chase into red zones (Just like cops can't) You can set up a cp but it doesn't give you the same rights cops get, for example their vehicles can't be searched etc (Not that security can do that anyway) You can assist police at checkpoints or anything else for that matter With the latest changelog you will see that super security vehicles can now be lockpicked, however if it has super security no one can get into it, they can however steal it's cargo. Ask for an escort when clearing the bank, I'm sure patrol cops would love to help.
  26. Can we get clarification on the following? There has been some difference of opinion, but i'd prefer to know for sure than to assume / fuck up. a. Enter a KOS (red zone) unless given permission by a WL Cop or being requested to join on a raid. I think that's fine, if the next point is allowed. b. Follow a wanted criminal into a KOS, which gives them a place to hide Its frustrating as a security officer to chase someone only to have to stop before the KOS zone and either camp it or leave. c. Setup checkpoints on a road anywhere outside the sazefone using building box items It would assist us in finding wanted criminals, but I can understand that its not a RL thing, so if it was done as a joint op with police? d. Assist Police at manned checkpoints Definitely would help. e. Security Hunters with Super Security quest line bonus are unpick-able. Is the security level the same? as I had a Hunter picked the other day, and now with the changes to bank bag removal, this becomes important to know either way.
  27. DeeJai Dies again - Week 3+

    Stuck the landing with style at 4:35. lol!
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